September 17, 2021

Why it’s Time to Transform the Way we see Money—& 7 Tips to Get us There.


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Remember that time you had to go deep into the mountain with your pickaxe to mine for gold?

Nope. Me neither!

So isn’t it time we changed our outdated ideas about money and abundance?

In ancient times we did, indeed, have to find a cowrie shell or dig gold and silver out of the earth. And it was hard work! These resources were difficult to find and required a lot of time, expertise, and effort to extract. No wonder we came to hold the societal belief “Money is scarce and there is not enough to go around.”

But now we live in 2021 and much has changed.

I am an intuitive healer, and my clients pay me for my services through PayPal. No actual coin or cash has ever passed between us. Instead, I see numbers going up and down on a computer screen. In other words, money is no longer a physical manifestation but actually…a currency of energy. It is literally an exchange of one type of energy for another type of energy.

Let’s look at it another way.

Some of us, I’m dating myself here, may remember records and cassettes. Let’s say Prince recorded an album and he only cut 100,000 records. Once the last person bought the 100,000th record, the supply was exhausted. That was it. There was a finite number of records out in the world. But today, all you have to do is click a button and you can download a whole album. And suddenly there exists one more copy of that album. The whole paradigm around money, goods, and services has shifted over time!

So how do we transform our belief that money is scarce and hard to come by?

1. Create a list of all the different ways that money can come into your life. And make it fun—I could win the lottery, I could trip over a bag of money, I could get a big tax refund, I could get a raise, I could inherit some money, or a friend could pay for my lunch. Expand your field of vision and realize that money can come to you in several different and unexpected ways. Last week, my husband won the Hamilton lottery and we received two front row seats for $20. In the same week, our friends invited us to use their timeshare because they were too busy to take a vacation. Money doesn’t always have to come to us in the form of a monetary payout.

2. Understand that the Universe is the source of abundance and brings money to you through various avenues and people. Your boss, your job, your parents, your spouse, scholarships, grants, and so on are not the source of money for you.

3. Keep a gratitude list of all the money and abundance that shows up in your life each day—even if it’s small. It may be that you find a quarter on the floor, a parking meter that still has time left on it, or a discount at your favorite store. We are training our minds to see abundance all around us. And when we feel abundant, that’s when we tap into the energy of abundance and ride that wave.

4. Follow the Universal Law of Compensation, which says that we will be financially rewarded for the energy that we put out into the world, which is in direct proportion to our contribution. The law works best when we give freely from our hearts without resentment or expectation of a particular outcome. It’s about the energy with which we give and receive.

5. Become a good giver. Giving and receiving are different sides of the same coin. You don’t have to donate huge amounts of money, but maybe you can buy that box of Girl Scout cookies or give your time to bring the garbage cans down for your elderly neighbor.

6. Become a good receiver. Be open when someone compliments you. Accept it graciously. We may wish for money and abundance, but our hands, our hearts, and our energy must also be open to receive. Open hands catch all the abundance while closed fists can’t collect anything new.

7. Replace the word “money” with the word “energy.” Would we ever say, “There is only a limited amount of energy in the world” or “If I have energy, there won’t be enough energy for someone else”? The Universe is made of energy and so are we. Energy is unlimited!

Money is a vibration or currency of energy that we can always tap into. And abundance is our natural birthright.

So let’s take the hard work and scarcity out of money.

It’s time to use our pickaxe to smash our old money beliefs!


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