September 6, 2021

Woman, Read this if you are Ready for More.


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Woman, what’s it going to take to get down and dirty with your desires?

To let freedom scream through your veins?

When are you going to barricade your boundaries, fortified with your free-flowing love, to not let any man through the cracks who isn’t willing to climb to the peak, to meet you on your ground?

What wounds are you still licking even when you know he doesn’t deserve the pain you keep inflicting on yourself?

Woman, allow your fantasies to become multiple realities as you bask in the vibrations of what is possible for you.

Feel your heart pound with the paths all leading toward becoming even more of you.

Allow sex to ooze through your soul so you smile not for him, but for you.

Feel the soft sighs of relief when you decide, which only you can, that love is yours.

Trust tastes so good, so why do you keep denying it?

Enough is enough, stop victimising the victim, sabotaging the self-sabotage, and beating yourself up with your own breath.

I want you to strip away the shame that was never yours.

Turn your guilt into gold that drips from your head to your toes, and glistens in the sun as you walk on by that man who doesn’t know your worth.

Standing with your feet on the earth, your hair touching the untameable threshold of your inner confidence.

I want you to scream with no sound so that the whole world hears that you are unf*ckwithable, claiming that you are no longer available for anything less but every single one of your desires.

Mmm yes, I’m standing right beside you, smitten by the way you just seduced me and everyone around you by just being all of you.


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