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October 27, 2021

52 Gratitude Prompts

Photo by Jasmine Carter on Pexels.

Gratitude is a powerful energy for creating the life you desire.

Opportunities, miracles, healing and insights are attracted to people who are express appreciation for their blessings. Those who are grateful experience more magic than those who don’t.

Use these 52 gratitude prompts to amplify the gratitude in your life!

#1: Acknowledge someone else for what they’ve done for you lately

#2: Thank yourself for your achievements so far in life

#3: Express gratitude for the home where you live

#4: Thank yourself for working & earning an income

#5: Write down what you appreciate about your body

#6: Whose life have you impacted lately? Thank yourself for that

#7: What gifts have you been given recently?

#8: Express gratitude for the inspiration & ideas you receive

#9: Write thank you’s for great experiences you’ve had

#10: What unexpected blessings did you receive today?

#11: Write about all the things your money provides for you

#12: Count your blessings for your eyesight, hearing etc.

#13: Express gratitude for your spouse/partner

#14: Express gratitude for your closest friendships

#15: Write about the spiritual lessons you’ve learned/are learning

#16: Thank life for the mentors who have inspired or guided you

#17: Who has helped you recently? Write thanks for them.

#18: Express appreciation for your own talents, gifts & skills

#19: Have you counted your clients/customers/employer as blessings lately? Do so.

#20: What opportunities have you been given lately? Say thank you.

#21: Which moments are you very appreciative of in your life?

#22: What challenges or problems have you overcome?

#23: Express gratitude for a comfortable bed, clean drinking water etc.

#24: Write down the networks/communities you feel at home in

#25: Which team members could you express gratitude for?

#26: Document your gratitude for the ability to drive/walk/move/travel

#27: Write thanks for the delicious meals you’ve had lately

#28: Write gratitude for the people/farmers etc. who provide your food

#29: Write about the ways in which you’ve grown this year

#30: Had profound dreams lately? Count it in your blessings

#31: Count your blessings for your time, space, energy, resources

#32: Share appreciation for your ancestors

#33: Write your gratitude for the society & country you live in

#34: Write your gratitude for what your government does/takes care of

#35: What have you learned lately & from who? Count this in your blessings.

#36: Have you appreciated the clothes you own?

#37: Give thanks for your education – past and present

#38: Express gratitude for the music, movies & entertainment in your life

#39: Which nice messages or compliments have you received lately?

#40: Have you thanked your mother lately for the gift of life?

#41: Have you thanked your father lately for the gifts he gave you?

#42: Write your gratitude for quality time with loved ones

#43: Which personal breakthroughs have you made recently?

#44: Has the weather been nice lately? Give thanks for it.

#45: Who else has taken care of you recently? Thank them.

#46: Have you won/received something significant recently? Write it down.

#47: Look at the beauty around you right now. Count your blessings.

#48: Did someone make your day recently? Write about it.

#49: Have you said thank you for the gift of your purpose?

#50:Have you thanked the universe/creator/God for guiding you?

#51: Express appreciation for the many people who make your life possible

#52: Give thanks to the universe/life/God for the gift of your life

Use your journal to reflect on one, many, or all of the above.

Open your heart to your life.

You ARE blessed.

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