October 11, 2021

A Poem for World Mental Health Day (& Every Day)—A Call to Action.

Hearted by

It’s a Free Country

She was taught to keep her emotions inside,

Now, a caged lion,

She paces back and forth, frantically,

Trying to formulate a plan,

To escape the iron bars,

Preventing her from fully expressing herself.

She was taught to do it on her own,

To never rely on others,

Now, a helpless rabbit,

Caught in the jaws of the trap,

Kicking and screaming,

Wanting to run away and evade the pain,

Currently overwhelming her heart,

Hostage to the trap which prevents her,

From fully engaging in life.

She was taught she was not worthy of being loved,

Now, a restless fish,

Tangled in a net of needs,

Gasping for air,

Seeing the safety in the water,

Through the holes in the net,

Yet, unable to break through,

The net engulfing her mind.

She hadn’t the strength to fight any longer,

Nor the belief that she was worthy of finding freedom,

In the love of others, and of herself,

Quietly collapsing on the floor,

Heart shattered and dark.

Just as the lion,

Lay down on the cold cement floor,

Never escaping the bars,

To find eternal sleep.

Just as the rabbit,

Lay helplessly caught in the jaws of that trap,

No life left within.

And just as the fish,

Lay wide-eyed and limp,

Aware that all the while,

Life was passing him by,

As he watched through the holes of the net,

And painfully died.

Yet, they are all free once more!

God Bless America!


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Read 8 comments and reply

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