October 14, 2021

I Imagine You So Not to Forget.


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I imagine a place where we meet again.

I imagine it’s sunny and you smile at me gently, as if you’ve been waiting.

I imagine we stare as we use to with no need for words.

I imagine you embrace me and your heart beats the same way it did five years ago.

There are many things I imagine each night as I drift off to sleep, but every Thursday evening, I imagine you.

I wish I could see your eyes one more time and sit on your sofa.

I wish I could tell you today what I meant then when all I could say was, “I don’t know.”

I wish more than anything to be in your presence, but all I can do is imagine it.

All I can do is remember what was.

All I can do is create you in my mind.

So tonight, like every Thursday evening, I imagine you staring at me saying nothing at all.

I imagine what you are thinking.

I imagine I’ll never know, but that’s okay.

I imagine this moment will last a lifetime.

And it does.

Behind my eyelids, you’re always there.

You’re always smiling.

You’re always watching over me.

I hope we meet again.

I miss you.

Love, Rebecca


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Read 4 comments and reply

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