October 14, 2021

The Journey of Healing: Why we Don’t need to Be Ashamed.


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We all know the saying: “Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.” ~ Jim Carrey

But today, I want to share something a little hard to hear but can serve us well. 

Everything that happens to us is living in us, and therefore happening for us. 

We often forget to talk about the middle part, though.

Why is it living within us? 

Because we are unaware and unconscious about it.

When we open ourselves up to the lesson to evolve, patterns will happen for us (unless we see that it happened for us the entire time) because we were internally attracting what we unconsciously thought we were.


Once again: unconscious. So not-knowing.

It’s not our fault; it never was. We were asleep.

We all are on so many topics in our lives.

Attracting an unhealthy relationship allowed me to peel off layers I didn’t even know I had because before then, I didn’t understand my conditioning and or the definition of love.

I didn’t recognize that I was always taking on the energies and emotions of others as if they were my own.

I also didn’t know how to receive.

Struggling with money and not knowing my worth came out of a place of not understanding my value.

I understood that I was suppressing my feminine energy (the masculine gives, the feminine receives). And when we have stepped into our feminine, trust me, we know how to receive. We live it because we are it.

It took a lot of deep, inner work to unravel parts of me that I wasn’t proud of, but I also wasn’t aware of. So why be ashamed or blame myself for it?

Three things helped me to find healthy love, money, and abundance in a few weeks:

1. Stepping into my divine feminine

Allowing myself to flow, be a deeply emotional and intuitive being, learning how to receive. I had it on a Post-it for a year: “I am worthy to receive.” Also, I understood the masculine grid I needed to thrive as a feminine being (whether it be settling in one place, having masculine energy around, or creating a framework with work).

2. Self-awareness

We need to do the inner work to understand our patterns, conditioning, culture, and nature. Who am “I” underneath it all, and who do I want to be now?

3. Taking responsibility.

I started pointing the finger toward myself, doing loads of shadow work, without blaming myself for anything. What did it say about me? In the context of “who I am” and becoming more self-aware, I asked myself, “What do I need to change, and what do I need to do to make this change happen?”

For me, it was like a whirlwind of lessons that were flying in the sky for several months that led me to ground into reality within a few weeks, and put my soul back in its body and feet firmly onto the ground.

No matter which subjects we feel stuck with in our lives, whether it be love, money, or something else:

It is us without you knowing it is us.

It’s not, “You become who you surround yourself with and therefore attract.” Instead, we attract what we (deep down) are, which is the essence of manifestation.

I know it’s a tough cookie to swallow, but life will hand it over to us sooner than later to reveal its magic. We might not like it, but as soon as we do, we’re also aware we can take ownership, so much more than we think is possible. 

We are all worthy and loved. Believe it, live it (or life will show us otherwise until we do).


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