October 31, 2021

Beyond Pain & Trauma: 2 Steps to Bring our Greatest Dreams to Life.


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We all have dreams, aspirations, and things we would love to see come to life.

Some of these dreams we keep to ourselves, some we go after, and others we place in the “too hard” or unrealistic basket and move on like they don’t exist.

Here’s the thing. Those dreams will always resurface and never truly disappear because we’ve dreamt them for a reason. Sooner or later, we need to be brave enough and bold enough to claim them and say yes.

If we focus on just one area of our lives, chances are there is a dream we hope so desperately to have fulfilled. The reality is, the depth of what we are able to receive in any given area is infinite—beyond measure or comprehension. However, despite this, we so often feel like maybe we’re not good enough, maybe we don’t deserve it, maybe we did mess our chances up, for good.

When we look further and deeper than the fear, the self-worth beliefs, the hurt, the pain, the trauma, we flat-out just know, our greatest dream will come to life! Soul certainty doesn’t lie. So what is stopping us?

Below are two steps we can take to help bring our dreams into fruition:

1. Releasing Barriers

Barriers in this context refer to the protective and hardened parts of ourselves we have put in place, built up, stepped into, worn for so long that have then become a piece of us.

One of these barriers is the hardening of our heart. We harden our heart as a way of protecting ourselves from disappointment, from hurt, from receiving, but in doing so, we also prevent our ability to be vulnerable and open. Creating this block is a sure way to squash our dreams and prevent our wishes from coming to life, which is why we need to consciously choose to let this barrier go.

Before we go ahead and do this, it’s important to reflect on why this protection was created in the first place and to acknowledge the purpose it served, which was to protect. And now?

Well, now. We can choose to release. To soften. To let go. To open up. And to trust.

Questions to ponder, journal on, to help us release:

>> What has my hardened heart or protective shell done to serve me? (Take a moment and thank it!)

>> What has it done to stop me from being able to access what’s available to me and what is inevitably my next step?

>> And, what do I desire to open myself up to now?

Healing is not easy and can even feel scary—a lot of the time. But it’s easier than continuing to walk around in that shell and not allow ourselves to feel, access, and allow our dreams to be fully realised and lived, isn’t it?

Once we release and open, we then take actions to consciously step into a place of flow.

2. Stepping into Flow 

One of the most important parts of accessing what’s available to us comes from living in flow. Flow is one of those things we don’t want to get too hung up on because as soon as we do, we get fixated, obsessive, worried, and create an energy of scarcity.

But at the same time?

If we’re going to be obsessed with one thing in life, make it flow! When living from a place of flow, we’re more creative. We act faster. We make intuitive decisions. We have more fun. Everything just feels better. We get the job done.

Stepping into flow means we believe in ourselves more, which feeds into more action, more results, more belief. Things work as they’re meant to.

The thing with flow is it requires us to make a conscious choice to create it. We have the power of choice over everything in business and life, and that includes our own emotions, our outcomes, and yes, even flow!

A simple way to do this is to ask ourselves and journal around the following questions:

1. What does flow feel like? 

2. What does being in flow look like? 

3. What does flow look like right now at this moment? 

4. What action, if any, could be taken right now to move more into flow? 

This could be going for a walk, journaling, meditating, dancing, having a high vibrational conversation with a friend, or listening to music.

Remember, our life is what we choose and decide it to be.

The dreams we have are possible. We dream our dreams for a reason. Sometimes all we need to do is release what is in the way, step into flow, and allow ourselves to receive.


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