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October 2, 2021

Seven Unusual University Courses That Had My Jaw Dropping

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Some of these courses, you may find weird. Some, you may find interesting. Regardless, I can guarantee you’ll find AT LEAST one surprising. While in the university for my first degree some years back, the course I found most absurd was Actuarial Science. Why? I had never heard of it before then and, for some equally absurd reason, I found the word “actuarial” hilarious.

Never mind; I’m more enlightened now. And even if I wasn’t, checking up on this list of weird or unusual courses online cured me.

1. Eco-gastronomy

For persons who are lovers of nature and agricultural nutrition, this is a perfect discipline. Eco-gastronomy lays emphasis on the importance of the relationship and interaction between man and food, and the consequent effect of this interaction. The course is geared towards promoting healthier and more sustainable food practices. It also aims to reduce the impact food production has on the environment. With this degree in the bag, one can look towards becoming a nutritionist, a dietary manager, an events manager, or a community health professional.

2. Tea Tasting

As weird as this might sound, Tea Tasting does exist as a course in India. The course offers a good, in-depth understanding of tea cultivation and tea manufacturing. Students are also equipped with the necessary skills to give advice on the way to go about improving some types of tea, evaluating the qualities they possess, as well as understanding the concept of tea marketing in general.

I’m sure you’re wondering why anyone would even want to go to the university simply to study time…

3. Astrobiology

Are you curious as to whether aliens truly exist? Is the concept of evolution still burning with questions in your heart? Do you intend to know more about origins and the future of life? If you find yourself in this boat, then astrobiology is for people like you. Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary scientific field concerned with the origins, early evolution, distribution, and future of life in the universe. This course draws knowledge from several fields of science like chemistry, geology, oceanography, biology, atmospheric science, astronomy, and aeronautical engineering. A degree in astrobiology qualifies you to work with international big-wigs like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), as well as aerospace companies.

4. Digital Currency

The future of finance, commerce, and banking lies with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. With a degree in Digital Currency, you are enabled to find job opportunities at the juncture where management, computer science, and finance meet. If entrepreneurship is what interests you, this course will help you establish an enterprise in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. With a degree in Digital currency, you will gain knowledge on how to identify and analyze challenges and risks of cryptocurrencies, and compare different regulatory environments, like payments, banking, legal, commerce, etc.

5. Adventure Education

If you happen to enjoy having fun outdoors, then, adventure education might be of interest to you. This is one discipline that will expose you to skills like wilderness expedition, rock climbing, camping, mountaineering, and so on. A degree in adventure education will enable you to pursue a career in any of the following- environmental education, national parks & recreation management, or even therapeutic adventure. It is a noble, widely applicable course, and one worth giving a shot!

6. Horology

Horology, in its simplest form, is the study of the measurement of time. I’m sure you’re wondering why anyone would even want to go to the university simply to study time. But it’s not that simple. Studying Horology involves learning the art of making clocks, watches, and timers. In this course, you’ll study the history of timekeeping, the way clocks and watches operate, and how they are designed. This degree is a perfect foundation for anyone who intends to own a wristwatch brand of their own, e.g., Rolex, Patek Philippe, etc.

7. Digital Mapping

The world, as we know it requires lots of maps to enable us to navigate it. Maps are essential in our world, without which we would be lost most of the time. With the rate of advancement in technology, digital mapping has become a demand. Hence, the creation of the Digital Mapping degree. This course aims at building graduates who would make very erudite and impactful web maps. Digital mapping draws knowledge from computer science, geography, design, and a couple of other fields. This course teaches its students data visualization, statistical knowledge, geographic information science, traditional cartography, and critical design sensibilities. It also hones skills along the lines of interactive coding, web development, and programming. Upon graduation, graduates of Digital Mapping can look towards becoming designers and data journalists.

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