October 5, 2021

Life is Hard & Survival takes Courage.


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The truth is, survival takes courage.

It takes true strength to collect the pieces of the wreckage and move on—to shake off the tears of pain and anguish from your soul and body.

I am really struggling with the world right now.

I can see why people close down. I can see why people become fearful.

Truthfully, I am fighting with it myself. I feel lost and confused, and I am tired.

I am struggling to reach out and “be the love” when so many are closing down.

I get it: it is hard to be the love when they say the world is your reflection but you do not see it coming back.

Survival is more than burying damage, it is about befriending it. It is about being grateful for now.

The burial grounds created within us are not for fear.

When we look back, we will finally understand that how we manage to go through it all and emerge like wildflowers from the burials within is nothing short of amazing.

When love reflects back, what we do not realise is it may not reflect back here and now—it may take time.

Not everything is instant gratification in life, like our culture teaches us. Good things take time.

Be the rainbow through the storms of life, the evening sun rays that smile the clouds away and tint tomorrow with magic.

We are gifted by our shadow (darkness). There is no such thing as an instant cure or permanent freedom from the darkness’s grasp. But by accepting the responsibility to tend and instruct the darkness, we can become more aware.

Each time we are pulled into darkness and fear, we can strengthen the awareness. Our inner voice pulls us away from fear and leads us toward our more aware self.

We have a choice to lift the veil from our souls and hearts and let it stretch and fill us up.

We learn mastery of our beings and discover all the gifts within us when we tend and instruct our shadows, which allows us to learn what we are truly capable of in our lifetime that we currently do not know already.

We cannot know our awesomeness without pushing against the boundaries and stepping out of our comfort zones into the unknown, where distrust and doubt sit in the shadows waiting. Through yin and yang—opposites—we learn our enormity.

In dancing with the shadow, we plant the seeds of our awesome potential.

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