October 16, 2021

There’s a Fire inside of Her & It’s Only for You.

There is a fire inside of her, and with this comes a bit of a wild side.

Even when she was young, those who knew her could see it. She never tried to hide it because it was the part of herself she loved the most. She loved the excitement that came along with it.

It got her into trouble at times, especially when she was younger. But she never tried to change this because that would be denying her the life she wanted to live. She knew that as people get older, that flame can turn into an ember. And then life is never the same.

So she has always kept this fire inside of her burning because it is the most important part to feeding her soul.

Everyone who knows her loves her fun, adventurous spirit. The light inside of her shines bright, and people want to be a part of it. They want to be surrounded by it. They want to feel the warmth of this flame; they gravitate toward it.

She carries this fire into every part of her life. She is a passionate woman, and she loves with all her heart, and if you are the one who catches her eye, count yourself lucky because she doesn’t love easily.

She knows that with deep love, you must allow yourself to be vulnerable, and this is not something that comes naturally to her. Because allowing a person to see her vulnerability means opening herself up to possible heartache and pain. So before she does, she watches, she observes, she studies, and she tries to find every reason to not love you.

Doing this has allowed her to see the best in you, but she has also seen the parts of you that you don’t want anyone else to see. The young boy that lives inside this smart, confident, kind, and wonderful man. She knows you in a way that no one else does. Almost as well as you know yourself.

You must know that she does not take this love lightly, as she gives every part of herself to this love. She has been hurt before and doesn’t want to be hurt again, but she has finally decided that you are too special to pass by, and she must allow herself to take this chance.

So she chooses to love you and because she made this choice, she will love you with every part of her heart and soul.

She will love you in a way that no one after her will. In return, she won’t ask for much—just for you to love her. Because you have seen the good in her and the bad and the parts of her that no one else got to see, you have also decided that she is too special to pass by, that you will protect her heart the same way she has chosen to protect yours, that you do not take this love lightly because you know it took everything in her to open up and allow herself to love you first, that you will allow yourself to open your heart and let her inside, the way she has done with you.

If you make this choice, you will get to see the wildness and fire that she has inside of her that is only for you. The part of her that she has reserved only for the man she has chosen to love.

And her love for you, just like the beautiful fire in her soul, will never burn out.



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