November 4, 2021

“Huge crowd confronted Joe Manchin at his yacht club, chanting ‘we want to live.’”

Dear Joe Manchin,
Nothing says “bought and paid for” by the industries that gave your constituents black lung & climate crisis…
…like blaring your Maserati’s horn at a crowd of protestors as you make your way to your private yacht club.

Bonus round: “Remember: Joe Manchin’s daughter, Heather Bresch is also the reason EpiPens jumped from $100 to $600+. Scumbaggery runs deep in this family.”

“As CNBC reported in 2016, the EpiPen only costs a couple dollars to make — including the drug.”

Great comment: “We need another Teddy Roosevelt. He took on the two wealthiest and most powerful people in America and won. The dissolution of Standard Oil and Northern Securities Co. was the first step in the growth of the American middle class.

FDR then implemented socialist policies that allowed the greatest period of economic opportunity and class mobility in American history. But right now we need another Teddy, someone that will play hardball against these companies.

“Great corporations exist only because they are created and safeguarded by our institutions,” the president declared. Therefore, he added, it is “our right and our duty to see that they work in harmony with these institutions.”


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