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November 9, 2021

4 Must-Have Essentials for Every Newborn

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Ohhhh… a baby! For most of us, the thought of seeing a newborn makes us feel good, regardless of whether it’s our baby or not.

Babies, especially newborns are the most adorable humans you would ever spot. These tiny, little persons filled with so much innocence, trying to make sense of the world they’ve found themselves in are one of the sweetest gifts heaven has blessed mother earth with. And it’s only logical, and reasonable that we do our best to ensure that these gifts have the very best quality of life when they grace our world.

Like you and I, newborns have tons of cute, and not-so-cute stuff that must be gotten before their arrival. As you browse through the pages of different social media platforms, you’ll continue to see all the things you seemingly need to give your newborn the grand welcome he/she deserves. But the truth is that you do not need them all. While some items are non-negotiable, some are simply unnecessary. And while I am not in the position to tell you how to spend your money, I can make an attempt at teaching you how not to, especially where baby items are concerned. So, before you beat yourself up about how much you cannot seem to afford all the cute baby stuff on the gram, relax. This article highlights the essentials that your newborn needs. Get these, and you’re good to go. Ready to find out what they are? Let’s get moving!

1. Clothing Essentials

When I say baby clothes, I make no reference to fancy, overpriced outfits and all the rest. I’m referring to bodysuits, sleepsuits, shirts, pants, rompers, sweaters, socks, booties, mittens, blankets, and baby hats. I understand that you want your baby to look his or her best, and he or she will, definitely. But, you do not have to empty your account to get a baby all kitted up. It’s particularly wise that you only get necessary items because babies grow pretty fast, and can outgrow the clothes even before they’ve worn them. Between 0 and 9 months, babies pack on the pounds very easily, and as such, have to change their clothes very often. So, if you really are interested in focusing on the essentials, leave all the fancy outfits for now. Your newborn does not need them.

2. Sleep Essentials

Babies must sleep, and that’s a non-negotiable statement. You can decide to get a cot, a crib, a cradle, or even a bassinet. This is an essential item that every baby needs. While you do not have to go for the most expensive baby bed in town, check to ensure that what you’re getting is comfortable and will suit your newborn. Since we’re dealing with essentials, you might want to get something that will last beyond the newborn stage. Rather than buy a regular cot, you can go for a bassinet that converts into a playpen. This way, even when your baby has grown past sleeping in a baby bed, he or she can still enjoy using it as a playpen.

3. Diapering Essentials

Everyone can tell you when they want to wee, or poo, but babies cannot. That’s where diapers come in. I know just how daunting changing a diaper may seem, initially, but the truth is that you’ll eventually get a hang of it, and long before you know it, you’ll become a pro at changing diapers. Diapers are a must-have for every newborn. Before your baby arrives, ensure that you have at least two large boxes of disposable newborn diapers, 2 boxes of baby wipes, diaper cream, and a diaper bag. With these, you can move from place to place, confident enough to change as you go. If you can afford a changing mat, why not? Preferably, when picking out a diaper bag, go for one that comes with a changing mat to make your diaper changes easier.

4. Bath Essentials

You have your bath; your baby should too! Plus, bath time should be loads of fun with your little one. While there are tons of bathing items for babies out there, you do not need them all. However, there are some you cannot do without—baby bathtub, baby body wash or bar soap, baby shampoo and conditioner, hooded baby towels, and baby washcloths. Get these, and thank me later. You can also include baby lotion, hair oil, and baby powder in this section since you’d get your baby prepped and dressed righter after bathing!

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