November 15, 2021

5 Questions that can Bring us Home to Ourselves (& Help us Live Authentically).


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I’ve been feeling lately like now is a really powerful time for us all to start stepping into more of our truth and authentically aligned living.

Maybe the best time to do that is always now, but with so much going on in our world today, it can be so easy to get lost and caught up, and disconnect from ourselves. We’ve got a lot of distractions, a lot of information, a fast-paced and noisy environment drowning out our inner inclinations, ideas, and intuition.

The more we can tune all that noise out and tune back into ourselves, the more power we ultimately hold.

Boundaries, I believe, are key to harnessing this power.

Boundaries are:

>> The wisdom of when to say yes and when to say no

>> An expression of our preferences

>> Stating what is and isn’t okay/acceptable/appropriate for us

>> Knowing where we end and others begin—space creation

>> The foundation of real self esteem

So if we want to step into authenticity and empowerment, we cannot continue living with flimsy boundaries (or none at all). We’ve got to hear our own voice and allow it to be heard. We’ve got to express what we prefer, know what we’re willing to tolerate, and create space between us and others.

This can be scary. And again, this is why I believe it’s so important. There’s no “real” reason for us to fear speaking our truth, but we do, because we’re afraid of the response, potential rejection, backlash, dislike, or whatever else may arise by us putting ourselves out there with nothing to hide behind.

With boundaries, we get called to rise into three of my favourite words—courage, vulnerability, and authenticity.

It takes courage to refuse to conform to expectations, pressure, and “shoulds.”

It takes courage to release our conditioning and write our own stories.

It takes courage to be vulnerable and risk the reactions and responses from others who may be relying on us staying committed to people pleasing and powerlessness.

It takes knowing ourselves truly and clearly, to meet our unique needs and vocalise our unique preferences.

It takes an honest inward look to recognise where we have been betraying ourselves, and a commitment to authenticity to change that.

The more we do this, the more we stand firm in a stance of self-respect, personal responsibility, and authentic ownership over our lives.

What more are we here for? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I believe we are here to become who we truly are. To paraphrase Carl Jung, that is the privilege of a lifetime. I believe, we’re here to free ourselves of the conditioning, fears, and stories we’ve taken on and breakthrough wholly as our true, liberated selves. I believe this is how we dare to live fully, authentically, and in real alignment with our purpose.

We can’t do this if we’re saying yes when we mean no. When we’re conforming against our better judgment just to keep the peace. When we’re suppressing our preferences in order to make others happy or like us or accept us.

Now is the time to own our voice. It’s the time to let others take responsibility for their reactions, their own happiness, and their perceptions without them having to entangle or enmesh with ours.

Are you willing to speak up for yourself and set clear boundaries?

Are you ready to own all of who you are even if you don’t meet everyone’s expectations of you?

Are you prepared to assert what you’re willing to tolerate and stick to it?

Are you okay with saying no even when everyone else seems to be saying yes?

Can you hold that space and value for your own preference and truth?

These are the questions that can help bring us home to ourselves, that can create the space we need to see ourselves in our own individual value, worth, and contribution.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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