November 15, 2021

Have Emojis become the New Love Language?


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I can safely say the internet has taken over the world, and with it, our way of conversation and how we communicate with each other is constantly adapting.

The days of writing a letter have gone and sending a standard text message seems so old school.

Enter the world of quicker, instant messaging platforms. Whether it’s WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, or popping into someone’s DMs on Instagram—messaging has taken a trendy modern turn into new ages.

With our communication style in whatever platform we choose to use, a new universal language has emerged that translates in its own unique meaning with a simple visual—the rise of the emoji.

When googling the meaning of the word emoji, the explanation that came up was, “A small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion.”

We no longer have to have a face-to-face conversation or phone call. The emoji has become a key component in displaying our emotions, feelings, tone, and even body language. The emoji has formed a weight of responsibility of expression, especially when it comes to our romantic relationships.

Out go the “xx” and in comes the plethora of kisses, hearts, winks, cheeky tongues, and yes, the world-famous eggplant emoji.

As I sat with a friend having a coffee, catching up on each other’s love lives, she turned to me and said about her partner, “Something’s up, I can feel it, something changed.” 

“Oh really, are you sure? What’s going on? How do you know?” I said.

“He only sends me two kiss emojis these days; he used to send me so much more. Something’s up.”

Here lies the new form of insecurity and new catalysts for arguments; the one I’m dating isn’t sending me enough emojis. Therefore, they’re not into me.

It has become difficult to bundle all these fantastic feelings into a simple picture icon. We don’t have the physical realness of a passionate, meaningful kiss, hormones rushing with delight in a warm hug, and the sincerity in our partner’s eyes when they look at us.

The quantity has become a barometer of how much they like or love us or how deep their intensity is for us. It all depends on how many emojis they send and which ones.

Emojis have become their own language. We even have emoji dictionaries—manuals to dissect and identify the deeper meaning of the emoji our date sent us, to determine if they are into us or not. 

Have emojis become the new love language?

When expressing love, how we feel about someone when we can’t see them, or we’re distant, or busy, seeing a row full of sweet red hearts and emojis with a bundle of kisses is reassuring. It’s comforting, and it does display affection for how the person is feeling about us.

Being showered with loving, cute emojis in quantity can turn a dull, lousy day into a beautiful, happy, optimistic day.

We feel adored, accepted, reassured, and cared for.

If there is a decline of emojis from our partner, is this an indicator that something is up in our relationship?

If we went from full-on emoji PDA to a couple of kisses or nothing at all, should we take this as a sign our relationship isn’t doing great and be concerned?

When I think about my own relationship, my daily morning and goodnight texts, and the conversation I have with my partner throughout the day, I have to say the amount of emojis he sends at the end of our messages does matter to me.

For me, it’s an expression of his love when we can’t be together or if we are busy with work or because we don’t live close to each other. Those kiss emojis and hearts make me feel closer and loved by him because, in my mind, it’s as if he is that little emoji sending loving smiley hearts and kisses to me.

It shows me he’s happy within our relationship and happy to be with me. He feels love and cares for me, and to wake up to a full row of red hearts is super romantic and wakes me up with a big smile on my face.

When we have small disagreements, yes, the emoji affection goes right down, even to none. It’s as if I can feel the tone and know when we have bad days compared to good days.

I believe yes, for some relationships that do connect in this way, using an expression in the form of emojis can be one indicator, of many, of how well the relationship is doing.

The emoji speaks in a bigger way than any other language. There’s feeling, a deeper meaning, an exchange of expression behind it.

What are your thoughts on showing affection in the style of emoji language? Is this an important part of communication and an indicator of romance in your relationship?


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