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November 29, 2021

Hey Waylon, I disagree

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.

but, I respect your right to say it.

Okay, full vaccination and your freedom back. Yup. Climate Change, Earth is dying. Gotya!

I’m right there with you. Living Vegan, Consuming far less, Taking reponsibility for my impact on our earth and doing my best for the children and I to make minimal footprints here in this life.

Being Baha’i. It’s an everyday practice that brings joy.

However, did you take the time to consider the cost of this vaccine production on the Earth?

(The total capital cost required to construct, equip, validate, and start up the 14 facilities, with three or four production lines per facility, for producing eight billion mRNA-1273 vaccine doses is estimated at $3.19 billion. (26 Hara 2021)

That’s a lot of dollars we could be using for Earth recovery!

“the development of sustainable and cost-effective manufacturing processes must be addressed.  …it relies on the use of expensive and limited materials. Downstream processing of the vaccine is still poorly established, and it is dependent on methods that lack scalability and cost-effectiveness.” Singh, N., & Bharara Singh, A. (2020). S2 subunit of SARS-nCoV-2 interacts with tumor suppressor protein p53 and BRCA: an in silico study. Translational oncology, 13(10), 100814. )

Are there better ways?

Are you mindful of the fact that a lot of us, suffering these adverse reactions, are your kinsmen in the fight to recover this planet from disaster?

I want to be a part of creating a Wild Earth again. Live peacefully, Mindfully with kindness and acceptance of most beings. (I could go without wasps)

My efforts in organics and permaculture were thwarted by the excrutiating pain and chronic bleeding I am currently suffering since being vaccinated. The purpose I am here to serve is all but, gone.

I am no longer allowed to see family that are across an invisible border.

The plants and helpful growing gear is now needing to be couriered to me. As I am unable to walk to or into retail stores.

I am no longer allowed to go to class and learn further Horticulture, Arts, Medicine etc

Maybe it’s all conspiracy theories and Qanon sensationalising.

The facts remain the same. It is inherently wrong to take away one’s choice regarding medical procedures and treatments preventative or otherwise.

Separating people into “antivaxxers” and “Vaxxed” then removing one groups basic human rights is wrong.

If it wasn’t. We would be allowed to treat all people with disease or who look like they may contract disease, like prisoners.

The Truth is:

Vaccinated or not. We are all but one race. The human race.

United we are strong.

Every human (sentient being) deserves kindness.

The World is dying and we as a race need to make huge changes. Perhaps those changes start with being kinder and more encouraging of each other. Sharing knowledge around being gentle with our planet and healing her for the betterment of all. Removing the mistrust that has been bred into us through media. Reaching out and caring for all through physical demonstration. If we all could hear each others pain and reach to find honest helpful ways to acknowledge these stories.

Maybe, just maybe through demonstrations of compassion. Our fellow brothers and sisters will find their compassion and follow on by creating healing change for our earth.

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