November 7, 2021

I am Human. Please Do not Give Up on Me.

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I am human. I do not see through every facet of truth even though I often think that I can. I see through my lens of personal experience and that can obscure my ability to see beyond what I don’t know that I don’t know.

I am human. I find that it is easy to have empathy for those who have gone through similar experiences and trials as myself but not as easy to relate to another’s trials that I have not yet endured.

I am human. I forget, a lot. I can barely remember where I just set my phone or what I did yesterday and yet I will stand behind the information that I think I have memorized that supports my beliefs and opinions.

I am human. I don’t have the time or energy to fact-check the fact checkers, so I tend to believe the sources that agree with my already held perceptions.

I am human. Once I decide something is true, I don’t like to see or hear anything that may challenge my chosen decision. As much as I would like to think otherwise, it is close to impossible to change my point of view, even if there is compelling evidence.

I am human. I tend to judge others who do not think like me and celebrate those who do.

I am human. I find it easy to love those who unconditionally love me and find it hard to love or even tolerate those who challenge my core beliefs and values.

I am human. My emotions can carry me away like a runaway train. I can be selfish and self-serving. I often think more of myself and my needs before yours, even when I appear to be virtuous and on the right side of truth.

I am human. I don’t always speak out and share my feelings, beliefs, or opinions because I am afraid that you can’t or won’t hear me. When I do finally get up the nerve to speak out, I can be defensive and belligerent if you disagree with me or shame my experience.

I am human. I am only just beginning to learn how to communicate with self-awareness when I am triggered.

I am human. I am only just beginning to learn how to lean into compassion for myself and others when I don’t feel seen or heard.

I am human. I am only just beginning to realize that embodying unconditional love is much harder than it appears.

I am human. Even with all my blind spots, weakness, and self-serving agendas, I am still worthy of love and compassion.

It is through the light and love of your compassion that I can see and embrace the parts of myself that have been hidden in the shadow of my fears.

It is through the light and love of your compassion that I feel safe enough to face my fears and inadequacies.

You see, the light and love of your compassion fuel my inner badass shakti love warrior, the one who is slowly learning how to ride that wild, terrifying dragon of unconditional love.

It is the light and love of your compassion that encourages me to get back on, even after getting knocked off again and again, so that I may rise into my most compassionate, authentic version of myself.

I am human. Please do not give up on me or my ability to grow beyond my limitations.

If you give up on me,

you are also giving up on you,

because you

are human, too.

I am human.

You are human.

Together we are humanity.


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Read 19 comments and reply

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