November 4, 2021

Light at the End of the Tunnel: Finding Power through Trauma.


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Trauma is not all bad.

We can connect through trauma. As human beings, we all feel. We experience joy and pain. We go through the motions of life to sometimes carry the heavy burdens and the unimaginable events that shook us to our deepest core.

But in every dark moment lies an opportunity to experience light.

Richard Evans said, “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.”

Trauma is everywhere.

We can’t escape it. No matter what we do, we will experience it in some form.

Trauma can catapult us into a whirlwind of anxiety and despair, shaking us to the core so hard that our insides buckle with pressure at every turn.

Trauma causes great suffering but can also lead to a greater understanding in humanness. When we process the hard emotions, we intrinsically learn determination. To rely on oneself to survive immense pain also creates a deep knowingness only recognizable to the self.

No matter what we do in this life, we will experience a dualistic experience of good and bad, light and dark, blissfulness and misery. In facing the trauma, we realize our innate power—the amazing ability to choose how we respond to it.

Are we going to be a victim to the trauma? Are we going to focus so much on the trauma that it ends up traumatizing us even more? Or will we choose to face the trauma, understand that it is a part of humanness, and find gratitude in discovering our own strength in the process?

We must not be fighting it or flighting it, but experiencing the full range of emotions and moving through it. When we move through this energy, we can also transmute this energy. No one can do that for you. The tools can be given to you, but only you can make that choice.

What we can end up with is a rich discovery that leads to ultimate freedom within.

Our thoughts dictate our next movements into the unknown. We are what we focus on. We either become the traumatized victim or someone who just fought a bloody battle.

Thought only has power if we choose to believe it. In believing, we can move through the first step of healing, which is self-understanding.

When we understand trauma, we also understand a full range of human emotion.

Empathy, compassion, and willpower can become second nature to us. We can see into the hearts of those suffering. We can hear the cries. We can feel the heartache. We can sense the pain.

But we can also see the other side. We can hear the laughter. We can feel the love. We can sense the joy that’s right around the corner. We can see the light shining brightly even in the darkest soul. We begin to appreciate the beauty of it all.

Trauma happens to every one of us.

Trauma produces a vital experiential knowledge that no one can touch or see.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi said, “Don’t fight darkness—bring the light, and darkness will disappear.”

Trauma empowers us to believe in our self no matter what.

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