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November 5, 2021

My Devil In The Dark

Photo by Inga Seliverstova on Pexels.

All those nights I spent under the moon
Dancing with the devil late night in an underground club, to the songs that felt like marrow in both of our bones
And I had sworn to him I’d never dance like that again, only spilling my soul through my body to him
He forced me to promise so I did
That I would be his alone

I drank with that demon until I couldn’t stand anymore, begging him to take me home
But he never did let me go
He swore it was the other way around
He the innocent victim, me the temptress
While he forced the bartender to pour us another round

The fling I had with him, us with nighttime fueled by the collusion of the dark and the light
Influential laughter and sadness is my secret language they say
The dichotomy he brought to my life
He loved the way his words could make mascara run down my cheeks
He loved the streaks, thought they were sexy
Unrequited love, you used to be my favorite

But my beloved left me alone
Intoxicated in my own bed once again
Before sunrise, with only a faint kiss as goodbye
No promise to return next time
And the morning came desperately trying to peer through my blinds
I closed them, too scared to bask in the sun and all it can reveal
That he dies in all that is bright

I hid in my dark place, waiting for you
It’s comfortable, that’s where I know you hide too, where I can find you again
You don’t like my inner light how it shines
So natural in the day
So I try and dim it, kill it
Till then I’m alone
With this ache in my heart waiting for my one true love, my devil in the dark to come home

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