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November 14, 2021

Reclaiming our birthright.

Lady Queens, we have a question for you: What is the most feminine act of female strength?

There are many answers. Birth and creation. Family and friendship bonds. Teaching. Passing on value systems. Acting from pleasure. Many things that we may miss seeing but can for sure feel. Feminine strengths are strong and often silent at the same time.

The one thing we can definitely say is female strength is giving birth to our creations – whether that be a child, a project, art, a business, a garden… you get the idea. It’s one of our natural and distinctly feminine skills which the more it is practised, the stronger it becomes. A project or an egg might be germinated or protected by men, but it is the feminine nurturing and care that allows it to manifest or be born in the world, and it all starts with pleasure.

And Lady Queen, pleasure all starts with our Pussies. We’ve mentioned previously that operating from pleasure is distinctly female as we ask our Pussies for guidance and answers in every area of our lives. It’s powerful to operate from a place where we are guided by pleasure, rather than just operating from our minds.

Pussy, pleasure and femininity are interlinked.

Often the processes around embodying our femininity are seen as messy or painful (like periods) and can even seem pointless (like working on the garden, for example, cos it will just keep growing). But what if embracing your feminine energy allows you to receive and put a focus on pleasure? And what if the mess, pain or pointlessness could be viewed through a lens of pleasure … like orgasm through childbirth, pleasurable periods through deep breathing, or doing chores whilst singing and dancing – what if all of these things can be converted into a plus? Sounds crazy, right? But it is possible. And pleasure is our birthright.

If being in pleasure and finding pleasure in everything is a new baseline for us being women, what else can come from that? Owning ourselves and our qualities more. Nurturing this new approach over time. And creating connections with others including our sisters from a place of pleasure changes the entire interaction. It’s a different energetic space that we hold.

Remember, feminine energy starts best small, follows pleasure and naturally grows; it is nothing to do with hustle or pushing. Feminine energy is about opening and taking simple actions with pleasure in mind.

As we acknowledge the femininity within ourselves and then connect with other women in a positive and powerful way, we are ensuring and creating an authentic Sisterhood in our life and alchemising an old worn-out story into a new and pleasurable future for all Lady Queens.

Keep in mind that finding our deep sisters can take time. In fact, connecting to the more feminine strengths can often start with a connection with an older woman offering something to a younger woman and creating a sisterhood circle.

However, sisterhood is more than just the forming of a circle. Sisterhood is about how we connect with other sisters moving forward, how we remind sisters, show sisters and care for our sisters, passing on traditions of self-care, history/herstory and, of course, pleasure.

This is why including and honouring women of all ages is so vital. Every woman has something to contribute to the Sisterhood to make it even more powerful. We, Lady Queens, all have stories, and we all equally have gifts that nurture, support and help us grow as a collective … bringing those into the circle can be transformative for all.

Now, perhaps you’re just starting and are unravelling a massive history of trauma, lack of awareness and unconsciousness. Take your time and be kind to yourself. Each piece, like layers of an onion, deserves its own time to be exposed and healed. The healing begins as we take charge and become aware and present in each situation. Focus on where we can be open and present to ourselves, and where we can promote change whilst also allowing women to be where they are and witnessing them without trying to change them, but rather changing our perspective of what is in front of us. Embracing them and showing presence can be life-changing for everyone involved.

Let’s start with our own lives – self-nurturing and honouring ourselves and our femininity. Taking care of ourselves more will diminish the feeling of competition or lack because we are now nurturing ourselves. We will feel full in a good way.

We can love the women in front of us when we start by loving ourselves.

The goal is to bridge the gap between where we’ve been, our stories, herstory and how we can reconnect to our ‘inner tuition’, each other and move forward toward creating a lasting safe space. Where we embody our deep feminine qualities as well as live from a place of pleasure! Remember this is our birthright. Wes got this, Lady Queens.

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