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November 8, 2021

The Boy From the Bar on Bleecker Street

Photo by Vladislav Murashko on Pexels.

You take a couple shots of tequila to rush away the worries

Smoke another Marlboro red, they go down so smooth

Take to the powder, cause it makes everything go numb

Then add a little bit of me, cause you’re not tryna be lonely

You’ll take anything or anyone to hide all that pain inside

But I can feel you

Yeah, your hearts so big, and it beats so fast, and it loves so much that it hurts

So you’d rather kill your self

I don’t try and stop you, I just watch you

I catch you lying to me, I lie right back

No I can’t hang on to your whiskey words, without spewing some of mine

I feel it in my bones when you’re not telling the whole truth, and I know you know it too

I keep on keeping my distance, but only in my mind

You pick up on every game I’m playing

Draped across the bar stool you let out a sorry sigh

And I know what it is but I’d rather not know why

You tell me your secrets, I see your scars and learn your stories

When you stand up to fight

I’m right behind you

I’ll take the blows, even when you’re not right

Yeah you’ve been this way since you were a child

And it’s only gotten worse with age

Now you barely feel anything at all

You punish me for loving you, like you punish yourself for being alive

But I’ll still take you home, I won’t have the strength to say no

Always said I didn’t have an addictive personality, but I guess I lied again

I’ve loved you so long I don’t think I like you anymore

Why’d I let you get so close to me, Why’d I let myself love you

We both keep playing these games

Why’d you let me get so close, Why do you love me

When we both know we’ll be sorry

I don’t try and stop you, I just watch you

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