November 12, 2021

The Divine Awakening of the Soul. {Poem}


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A velvet carpet with studs of stars drapes overhead,

with the secrets of the universe intertwined in gold thread.

Stitched with a beauty, precision, and wander so true,

a peep at eternity through the folds of thick fabric squeaks through.

Perhaps when you look at the sky all you can see,

are colors of azure blue and shades of black and clouds rolling free.

The science of the sky tells you it’s no more than molecules of air,

with little more to be discovered up there.

And yet, awe births and awakens in the soul.

Heart whisperings tell you there’s more to behold.

You close your eyes and threads of shimmering light

burst into your world, even in the dark depths of night.

Invisible noise of generations gone,

reverberate their wisdom through heaven’s song.

It’s within the daydreaming and empty thoughts that float serenely,

that the mind is open, receptive to the universe’s clarity.

The universe is all abundance, eternal and whole.

Its stardust is scattered and glimmers within your very soul.

Nothing but love and light and energy reside in the sky’s ancient art,

Painting a picture so beautiful it can only break your heart.


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