November 25, 2021

Why we Need to Go through Change.

go through change

Today, I am going to talk about change as it relates to our growth and evolution as souls in human form.

We are always changing and growing.

We can take a lesson from the natural world that nothing ever stays the same. The seasons change, yet they are all necessary in the grand scheme of things.

Why do we change? Why can’t we just stay the same? Yes, this would be easier.

It would definitely be a lot more comfortable, but it would also be a lot less fun and fulfilling. Of course, if we really wanted to stubbornly stay the same person for our whole lives, cultivating the same habits and personality, we could. But that is not why we are here.

We are here to grow and evolve into the people that we are meant to be. Every waking moment is a chance for us to grow and become more aligned with our values and our calling.

How cool is that?

We all have experiences that shape us. We have families, relationships, and systems we engage in, art that provokes us and makes us break open into new realizations. We take all of these in, and this assembles how we view our reality.

We are always moving and learning and taking in new worldviews, thoughts, and ideas that make up how we see our world. Each moment we can choose to view these new ideas and perceptions through our old lenses or ways of being.

Or we can choose to view them in a whole new way.

Life is all about how we see things. We can have the same situation, and we can choose to see this situation in many different ways. This will shape our lives. It will shape our present moment, how we react to experiences, how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. This is extremely important to consider. We truly have the power to make our life what we want it to be.

Yes, a lot of the time we have no control over external events. But we do have the choice with how we choose to view this event.

We can say, “Why is this happening to me?” or “What is this showing me? What can I learn from this?”

Perhaps, we can think about a situation in our lives and try asking these questions in relation to our situation. Notice how we feel when asking these questions. Notice how this changes from question to question and how we look at the situation from the various perspectives of the questions being asked.

When we choose to engage with the same situations in new ways, we will begin to slowly unfold into a new being.

I think this is all the point of existence.

We are all in the great school of life, and we are here to have fun and also to learn from ourselves and from others. If I am not constantly challenging my worldviews and ideas, then what am I doing? I cannot possibly know everything, and besides, everything there is to know is always changing.

Just look at science. At one point, we believed in a Newtonian Universe, and now we are experiencing a shift into a quantum one! Amazing.

What will happen next for us? We cannot possibly know.

Yes, change is scary and difficult.

We attach ourselves fully to our identity, career, jobs, and relationships. Now, stop and think.

“Who am I without all of these things?”

Who are we without all of the external labels that we associate ourselves with? All of these things will leave us eventually. In death, we cannot bring any of these things with us. All we can bring is who we are, underneath all of the things that we think make up who we are.

I painted a sign recently that reads, “Who am I?” I plan to post it above my door in hopes that when I walk through my door each day, I am constantly asking myself, “Who am I?” because the me that I am is always changing each and every day.

Here is our permission slip to ask ourselves this question: “Who am I?”

We might find that we are scared to know the answer. Feel into this fear because never asking yourself the question is an even scarier notion.

The good news is we always have the ability to create the life we want and desire. I firmly believe that we are all inherently creative and that we have the ability to cultivate the life that is meant for us. Seriously.

What is stopping you from making the changes you want to make?

The answer is (and you might not like it): you.

That is the only thing standing in your way. You.

We can come up with a bunch of excuses in our lives to blame our circumstances on, but the hard truth is that no one can make the changes they want to see happen but themselves.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment either. This will never exist. If we keep waiting for it to happen, we will spend our lives looking out the window while the world keeps spinning. The world will not wait for us. But the world does call for us to embrace these changes and to embark on the journey that we are meant to go on.

So what are we waiting for?

Take the leap and jump into the unknown. I have done this many times, and each time, I have been deathly afraid. I have clutched onto so many things that did not serve me, yet it was so hard to let go for what I thought I “knew.”

But I can promise you that the unknown is always worth it. Walking blindly through the dark and damp cave and not knowing where you will come out have always been worth it.

Why fight the cycles of growth and change? Why not lean into them instead?

To get a different outcome, we have to do something different.

And I promise, to do something is what makes all of the difference.

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