November 12, 2021

Why Forgiveness is So Hard.


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Ugh, the word forgiveness.

It can make the skin crawl, bring up a frog in the throat, make the heart race a million miles a minute, and make one feel like they want to throw up. Why?

Forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person and everything to do with ourselves. Yep, mic drop, insert cartwheel, and give the lucky person on the front row a cold towel to put around their neck.

Yes! Forgiveness is about us, ourselves, me, myself, and I. 

When we understand the ego is a defense mechanism, we realize why we create situations that test our ability to forgive.

When we allow ourselves to go deep into our subconscious mind, our internal reflections of memory, our depth of spiritual pain—we will discover forgiveness is a test to see if we can forgive self, to extend forgiveness to others.

If we are undergoing a situation where we are feeling pain or heartbreak, then we need to evaluate how we created and manifested this exact moment in time. Now, if we jump to conclusions to defend ourselves and say, “Shelby, there is no way I created or manifested this situation to me!” Then why is it happening?

Our energy brings us what we need to learn and what our soul calls for us to understand. This allows us to drop into forgiveness with ourselves, so we become even more loving, kind, patient, and nonjudgmental to ourselves.

Our lives are never about others until it is about them. It is all about self, and forgiveness of self, due to spiritual pain buried at the deepest layers of our energetic field. It is only through forgiveness that the path to redemption is laid. 

We must first forgive what brought up the walls of illusion, defense, and the almighty “I know it all” that resides in every single one of us. It is the dance between the ego and spirit that brings balance—they both bless our daily life in their own way.

So why is forgiveness so hard?

Because it creates a distraction from seeing ourselves.

Forgiveness forces the engagement between others, by creating tension to trigger an explosion, no longer distracting us from the truth—the soul is then ready to purge and heal.

It is energy, and it is real. The energy of our being is asking for forgiveness so it can return to its highest form of purity, and then that is what brings the ultimate peace and harmony to our lives and our relationships.

If we genuinely want to move through the art of forgiveness, we need to learn that forgiveness needs to move through the body’s energy centers—the chakra system. When one creates a trigger moment that brings up spiritual pain, it is easier to forgive the pain and move it through each energy center in the body, to clear that energy at the highest level and transmute it.

For so long, we have been taught to do forgiveness at a mental level; however, true soul forgiveness is at a spiritual level transmuted through the body’s energy centers.

Forgiveness is also about overcoming fear and learning how to do effective, efficient forgiveness and helps all of those involved for the highest healing possible.


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