December 11, 2021

A Letter to the Universe: I’m Broken—Please Stop with the Punches.


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Hey You.

If we could just come to an understanding.

I get it. You put me through a lot of damage and a lot of heartbreak and a lot of pain so I could learn valuable lessons. And when I didn’t, you tried again, and I got myself into predicaments that way. For a detail-oriented human being, I have a short attention span, okay?

Stop with the punches. Yes, I am being a little demanding here.

I know the things I have to let go of that no longer serve me. As hard as my whole life has been, I ask that you cut me some slack here. I am grateful for who I am; I’ll keep going. Don’t you dare mistake my tiptoes toward cutting the ties with those habits as a lack of wanting more abundance.

I’m figuring it out, okay?

I am blessed with a photographic memory. This used to serve me well in my school years. My 10th grade biology teacher asked, “How do you maintain an A in my class when you show up only half the time?”

“Because you begin each lesson with us copying your notes.” They imprinted my mind; I could think of them and see every word.

Now, that gift is only active in my brain with the traumatic moments, the loss, the heartbreak.

Can you just cut me a break? I’m asking for some amnesia here. Clear out the cobwebs. Let me remember the lessons learned but stop playing the memories where those lessons came from in my mind. Please.

I’d like to have the space to use that gift again in the way it was intended.

I recognize that I am a warrior of light, and I have great potential.

So, how about helping me eradicate all this mental sludge that’s keeping me stuck?

I know you’re full of incredible energy. I hear that my energetic vibrations will create more good.

I’m tapped out, though. I’m waving my flag.

I think they call this surrendering.

So, here I am. I’m tearing down the cobwebs, clearing out the sludge, packing it up, moving it out, and handing it over to you.

Take it; I’m done.

I’ll take the lessons, and I’ll do something with them.

You can take the pain; I’ve had enough.

I’m picking myself up, dusting myself off, and I’m going to hold my head up and go off in a different direction now.

I trust that you have my back.

I’ll let the light beam through all the places I’ve been broken wide open.

And I will pay attention.

Thank you, universe.

With love,






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Read 6 comments and reply

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