December 23, 2021

A Practice to Clear Away Doubts so we can Access our Dreams.


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If there’s one thing we know for sure about creating the life we want, in all areas, it’s that what we state over and over on repeat in our minds will become true.

This doesn’t mean that in order to create we need to repeat statements over and over, to the point of allowing emotion to slowly seep out and away. Instead, it is far more powerful to actively and consciously tap into what it is we want to create day by day. This can be through affirming all that we are wishing to create through statements and decisions.

Sometimes we resist even saying (or writing) what we want; we get resistant about affirming what we desire. This is crazy if you think about it! It hardly takes any work to state over and over again what it is we wish to create. Except for, of course, the most important work of all, which is the work of deciding we do have the right to live the life we dream of!

The reality is that anything we have not yet created or stepped into in our lives is simply an outcome of not choosing to. So why do we not just choose? Why the hesitation?

One word. Doubt.

Here’s a common scenario many of us are sure to relate to:

We see a path or a goal in life or perhaps even a version of ourselves we want to become and something inside of us lights up. Once we go ahead and make a decision and choose to take some action, that’s when the feeling kicks in. You know the one. The feeling where we begin to question everything. Or the voice in our head starts to laugh, and tells us, “I don’t think so!” the voice of doubt.

This cycle happens to the best of us, no matter how certain and sure we are of the decision we make. The positive side to this is that these doubts and resistances that surface means there’s an opportunity to clear them. We can move through these moments and clear the field for even greater access to what we are seeking to create.

Clearing the field is to, namely, clear anything that would stop or, really, even slow us down from moving forward on our path.

Here’s the deal:

The distance between ourselves and our every dream, desire, aligned choice is only as lengthy as what it takes for us to clear any hiccups or roadblocks along the way.

The doubts we let sway us or throw us off, or the things that we go running scared from because we don’t know how to deal with them, are always, and only, an opportunity.

An opportunity to let go of things, to release.

An opportunity to understand them, if relevant.

An opportunity to learn and grow.

An opportunity to tighten your resolve and move forward regardless. 

How to Clear Your Doubts

A simple practice we can do is to set aside 5-10 minutes and sit quietly, just breathing and thinking over our goals and choices. After that, we can go on to write out everything that comes to mind after reading the following statement:

“These are the doubts I get to clear.”

Once doing this, we can then go through and circle or asterisk the ones that feel really hard or scary. For everything listed that does not feel hard and scary, simply cross it off, or put a tick against it.

This is an energetic way of saying, “Yes, I now choose to let that go.”

For the so-called hard or scary ones, we simply give them a little more attention by writing a statement like this:

“Even though I feel scared or unsure about __(insert the thing), and I don’t know how I can clear or move past that, I now choose to focus on my wants and choices, and move forward with a clear path.”

We can create as many statements as needed in order to support ourselves in releasing what needs to be. Practices like this create space for energy to go toward what we do want.

So, the next time our doubts come to surface, we now know how to lovingly clear them to stay on track.

Remember, the biggest shifts come about simply via a day by day process of tuning in, and being aware of what we want.

We get to choose.


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