December 8, 2021

Dear Darling, this is When you Look your Sexiest.

You are the most handsome man I have ever met, but I am not talking about your body.

Dear darling,

I have seen and heard many describe the sexiest thing about their partner, be it their back, arms, waist, legs, bum, chest, lips…and as I remembered all those physical details about you, I stopped and smiled at the memory of you hunched over your guitar, focusing on the frets, and learning to play a new song that I liked.

I remember how attractive you looked. Your lips were pursed, your eyes lost in another world, your fingers absentmindedly drumming against the strings, and your leg creating a soft beat against the dusty ground.

I can’t tell you how beautiful your eyes are, or how irresistible you look when you move to the music at the club. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten to listen to a word you were saying as I stared at your lips, moving in slow motion.

I’ve noticed women passing by us and staring at your beauty. I’ve noticed how many heads turn in your direction when we’re walking side by side because you are transcendental art embodied in a human.

Though, my love, your physical features are but a dust in the sandstorm of the sexy things about you.

For more than four years, I have been observing you, seeing you. I don’t mean I only see you. I truly see you, all of you, inside and out, outward and within, body and soul.

And besides the well-known moments in which a man could look sexy, this is when I have found you the most attractive:

>> when you fight hard while life is tearing you down.

>> when you sing along to your favorite songs.

>> when you tell me about your favorite movies.

>> when you are preparing food in the kitchen and are careful not to mess anything up for my mom.

>> when you sit behind your desk and focus on a task that requires so much of your energy, but when I hug you from behind, you turn back and give me the greatest bear hug of all time.

>> when you kneel on both knees and pray for God to protect us.

>> when we were only friends and you picked up my favorite flower and gave it to me.

>> when I tell you about my new favorite song and you learn to play it on the guitar in just a few days. 

>> when you play video games and get all too excited, but then you let me sit next to you and try to play instead.

>> when you take care of your parents and treat them with respect.

>> when you first came into my house as my friend but did your best so my parents would have a flawless first impression of you.

>> when you won’t sleep before sending me a goodnight text with a creative way to say “I love you” and a good morning text the moment you wake up.

>> when you tell me about your dreams and your eyes emit a million galaxies of ambition and courage.

>> when you let yourself be vulnerable with me just as you make me feel safe when I’m vulnerable with you.

>> when I see your friends look up to you as the model of loyal men in relationships.

>> when you call me in the middle of the night and tell me you can’t sleep.

>> when you answer my calls in the middle of the night and listen to me ramble about a terrifying nightmare I had.

>> when you wake up with slightly puffy eyes and red cheeks.

>> when you listen to me ramble about the stories I’m writing with such interest and love.

And finally, my love, you are your sexiest when you are you

I want you to breathe into me and fill my lungs with the sweet scent of your flowered skin, for I have died a thousand deaths to be consumed all over again by the love of an angel, cloaked by human apparel.


Your darling

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Read 19 comments and reply

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