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December 2, 2021

Let’s talk about sex!

You know what we need to talk about more, Lady Queens? SEX.

But first, let’s talk about just talking about SEX.

Sex is a fascinating conversation and yet so many of us avoid it. Like it’s dirty or too hot to handle. Pretty much every single human being on this planet, all 7.8 billion people, is the result of sex/making love. Which means there is A LOT of sexual connection going on, yet there is a considerable amount of shyness or shame around discussing that connection.

Is it because we get lost in lust? Perhaps it’s because we have no idea how to explore sex in a deeper, sacred and constructive way? That’s why talking about it is important. Claiming our Queendom is about reclaiming our power in all areas of our lives, including and especially our sexual energy.

Sex can be wrapped up in guilt, shame, lust, fear, excitement, or an unsustainable frenzied obsession. Fears can come up, to begin with, but we also know this discussion is necessary and will be incredibly liberating when it comes to owning our pleasure and Goddess energy.

Lady Queens, this is an invitation for all of us to stay present to what is going on in our bodies. We might initially feel some resistance or sensations when talking about sex, but let’s remember our body, heart, gut and Pussy are our compass and our guide.

Sex, as we understand it, is all about being in the enjoyment of your body with yourself and potentially with another. Talking about sex publicly can often feel naughty. People are so quick to make sexual jokes or turn a conversation about sex into a silly jokey conversation. And yet it’s difficult for them to talk seriously about it.

Ironically, or maybe intentionally, sex and being in the enjoyment of one’s body and sharing that with someone else is really about being worshipped and worshipping, and yet it’s a topic we rarely speak about as women.

Sex done sacredly can deepen our connection in intimate relationships, as well as awakening a profound energy in us. In many ancient writings, sex is considered sacred and likened to communing with god, goddess, universe or whatever you believe in. This is because the powerful and empowering connection to sex is a direct link to our potent creative powers and our higher source. It can be a religious experience – scream ‘hallelujah!’ Wink wink.

How does this relate to the Queendom?

When our sexual energy is on point and hitting the mark – in orgasm and otherwise – our Queendom is strong, clear-knowing, at peace and sovereign. We are open to receiving and allowing ourselves to be worshipped, because we know we deserve it.

Sex and how we relate to it often shows us how connected or disconnected we might be to our body, our desires, and our own Gateway to Gifts.

We might think only about a significant other when we think about sex. But in fact, the first sexual relationship is with ourselves, our own bodies. We recommend looking at sex and how we relate to it before we look at how we relate to another with it.

Savannah: A friend shared with me that she and her husband had been non-sexual for over ten years. He has ED, so they stopped trying. I watched her go from being vibrant to frustrated, like she’d aged prematurely. After several intense conversations where I suggested her exploring herself, much to her initial disgust and resistance, she did try it. The next time I saw her, she was glowing, had a brilliance to her energy, and seemed ten years younger. Smiling brightly, she told me, like it was news, ‘It’s amazing what you can do by yourself!’ Over the following months, her business – which had been on the back burner and struggling to take off – began to boom. Pleasure and profit go hand in hand – and you can take matters into your own hands, pun intended!

If single, we can explore our relationship with sex and what our beliefs are around it with ourselves, and this will improve how we relate to our future partners and will help us step more into our Queendom.

There’s no need for a King to be a Queen. What we’re saying is there’s no need for a wang in your tang. However, a Queen can draw a King to her, if she chooses, or another Queen, if she prefers! Being a Queen is simply about claiming your crown.

Here’s to claiming, embodying, and living in pleasure

Stay connected, juicy, and playful, and we’ll see you next time.

Love, Savannah and Teany

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