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December 7, 2021

Meet Michelle, the girl who just wanted to be loved…

A long time ago I was married, something I very rarely talk about, to be honest, I hid it away in a suitcase in a storage cupboard in my mind, hoping it would just disappear….

As a side note, this does not happen on any given day.

I thought the marriage would last forever; that’s the point, hey.

The first few years were wonderful, but then everything started to go downhill.

I was in a relationship where I felt so small and insignificant, to the point where I literally would not talk; I was a shy little mouse that bowed to every beck and call.

Emotional exhaustion robbed me of whatever sense of self-worth I had.

I was numb, until

One day I erupted like a volcano; I could not cope anymore…

10 years I had put myself through this torturous relationship.

My heart broke with the decision I was about to make; I knew I would lose everything, my relationship, house, business, my entire life crumbled at my feet…

But I knew it was a choice that had to be made.

The pain continued, I lost it all, I was left in mountains of debt, whilst he fled, after struggling for a year, I had to declare myself bankrupt.

Could life get any more challenging?

I had to start my life all over again, and it was possibly the most painful thing I have ever had to do…

The suffering in my life was excruciating; I was suicidal at times and saw no positive elements to my existence.

I didn’t let anyone see I was hurting. I put on a front; I hid my feelings from the world.

Everyone thought I was ok, but I was breaking internally.

I still hold many of these scars, which I am healing and nurturing each day.

Meet Michelle, the girl who just wanted to be loved.

The next few years, I tried to figure out who I was…

I changed the way I looked more times than I have had hot dinners. I went down the road of partying 24/7, the list continues…

I went down some very dark pathways. I feel like I have lived a million lifetimes within this cycle.

I will share all of this in my future book – Returning Home To Your Truth. Watch this space.

Now I see all I wanted was to fit in, be loved, stand out, be accepted, cherished, and needed.

I just wanted to be fricken, seen and be heard.

When one phase didn’t give me the validation I was seeking, I turned to another.

It got me nowhere; it took me over 10 years to figure it out.

Everything I ever needed lies within me, it’s been there all along.

Michelle still appears crying out for love from time to time; she often feels lonely, lost and scared.

I speak to her softly, giving her the love she so longs for; I tell her she is doing amazing and how proud I am of her.

The beautiful, fragile little girl she once was now is a strong warrior.

It’s ok for her to feel these emotions; it’s ok to hurt; only this way will she heal.

“Life is like an onion; you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you frickenweep a lot.”

It’s time to get that suitcase out of your secret cupboard in your mind and clear out the past with forgiveness and love.

It’s made you the person you are today.

I have a few more suitcases I’m working through a day at a time.

Make peace with the past and rewrite your story.

Be the fricken hero you are.

Infinite love

Michelle and Mimi. (One and the same) ❤️

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