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December 6, 2021

Nailing the Perfect Kids’ Birthday Party—8 Choices to Pick From

Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.

I’m usually out the door before you drop the “Tay” after the “Par.” An unrepentant homebody married to a kindred spirit, one of my biggest concerns is having a kid who’s all for the ‘Partay!’ But if that happens, I’m prepared.

Most kids love parties, and thanks to the world being a global village now, they can easily see the kind of birthday parties thrown for kids like them all over the world. And make no mistake, they take notes. The first few birthdays are usually chill because they’re too little to reject your Cinderella cake for a Sofia The First variant. But those days will come soon enough… and you should be prepared.

Every birthday is special. And when it comes to that of your little ones, you’d definitely want to go all out. If you’re in need of some birthday inspiration for your kids, you’ve come to the right place. The list below has something for everyone — whether you want it grand, memorable, simple, or strictly on a budget.

1. Camp-Out Birthday

It’s definitely a great idea to give them a break from screens and their devices. The camp out-themed birthday will do just that. It is more suited for the warmer parts of the year and it doesn’t have to happen at night. Kids can sing, play games and have nature scavenger hunts. All the while, tantalizing their taste buds with fresh hot dogs and lip-smacking s’mores for dessert.

2. Food or Treat Truck

Did I hear you say you’re already bummed out enough from work as it is? That’s understandable, so here’s a birthday party idea that won’t have you prepare a thing. Based on your budget, you could order a food truck that would cater to the guests. Of course, it is very important in these times to observe strict health protocols. Do check with the truck owner to see if they have COVID food regulations in place.

3. Favorite Stuffed Toy

Kids about to celebrate their first birthday usually have a knack for stuffed toys. Since most of your one-year-old’s guests would be fellow one-year-olds, you could ask them all to come with their favorite teddy bear or stuffed animal. The kids could enjoy playtime with their stuffed animals or engage in other activities like drawing and coloring. What’s better than one stuffed toy? Two. You would put even bigger smiles on those kids’ faces when you give them a new stuffed animal friend as a return gift.

4. Glow-In-The-Dark Party

Why not? A glow-in-the-dark party is not only enchanting and magical, it is always a memorable one. You can make use of your living room for this by adding some glow sticks or stickers all around. Throw in a strobe light and some music and you’re good to go. The kids can either paint themselves or their friends’ faces with glow-in-the-dark colors.

5. Themed Party

A themed party is especially exciting when you have an idea of what your kid and their friends are raving about in that particular season. There are no limits to creativity or themes. You could have a Paw Patrol-themed party featuring all things Chase, Zuma, Sky, Marshall, and Rubble. A Harry Potter birthday is also a great idea. Throw in elements like wands and potions and it gets even more exciting. Don’t forget to serve some delicious butterbeer. Other fun-themed party ideas include a Minecraft party (for older kids), a mermaid-themed party, a SpongeBob-themed party, a Pokemon-themed party, or a space-themed party (especially for kids who are big on Star Wars and astronomy).

6. Mud Run Party

Sometimes it just feels like kids have formed a pact with rolling in the dirt. As much as you tell them off, they still can’t help it. A mud run birthday party could flip the switch. You could go from disapproving of it to giving a free course for a day. Invite your kid’s friends to join in on this muddy fun. Choose a nice open space for it. You could even set up a fun obstacle course, let the kids attempt it and at the same time have a swell time getting dirty.

7. Spa Party

We’re guessing your little girls might have already had a go at mommy’s makeover kit or even wardrobe. You can’t really blame their curiosity. What if you could use a birthday to satisfy it? You can throw a birthday party with a full spa treatment? Dip some cucumber slices in water and follow it up with soft and cozy robes and slippers. Spice things up even more by twirling their hair up in a towel. This series of pampering could continue for most of the day with manicures, pedicures, and facial masks.

8. Firefighter Party

This is a more thrilling birthday party idea. You could whet your kids’ appetite for adventure with a firefighter-themed party. Engaging and fun activities that could be done include water play, fire hydrant ring toss games, learning how to make a firefighter’s hat, and crafts sessions where kids make fireman trucks out of cardboard boxes or Lego blocks. You could also bring in a professional to talk to the kids more about their exciting firefighting episodes.

Okay, I’m done. Anyone got any more ideas? Add them in the comments ‘cos I’m taking notes. 

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