December 22, 2021

Solstice Blessings: A Beautiful Reminder to Focus on Light, Love & Happiness. {Poem}


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Solstice Blessings.

The nights have been getting longer,
darkness making itself known;
Past memories floating to the surface
asking us to pay attention and be shown.

What we do with this perceived darkness
is truly up to each one of us;
We can judge, suppress, or resent it,
throw a tantrum, or make a fuss.

Or we can choose to embrace the darkness,
be guided by what it wants to show;
Because it truly is only in seeing the past
that we can decide to let it go.

There has been so much separation,
at times looking like fear truly has the win;
But we can use that insight as knowledge,
choosing differently than what has been.

We all have our own “stuff,”
all of us have survived trauma and grief;
We all deserve kindness, love, and support,
to be allowed to have our own beliefs.

No one can truly know
everything about someone else or the world;
We all are doing the best we can
as we watch what we thought we knew unfurl.

We can choose to focus within,
that is where all our power lies;
We can say “yes” to inner work and unconditional love,
decide to see with compassionate eyes.

The nights after today will get shorter,
there is more light being allowed in;
When we focus on that light and what is good,
we set the stage for an inner win.

With love in our heart and confidence,
we can inspire the world and others;
We can begin to see the similarities
and all of us as sisters and brothers.

We are a microcosm of the world,
and all that is burning away is to be reborn;
Like the Phoenix before it rises from the ashes,
we might be feeling exhausted and worn.

You might be feeling at the end of your rope
and be saying to heck with your tact;
But remember everyone has had their struggles,
only you can choose how you react.

People respond to kindness;
How can you brighten someone’s day?
We can all use some extra love right now;
Even a small gesture paves the way.

Please be extra kind to yourself too;
Remind yourself life still can be fun;
Do more of what brings you happiness;
When you ignite your soul, love has won.

Happy Solstice to all;
I am sending many blessings your way;
I wish you joy, abundance, and happiness,
and peace in your heart every single day.

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