January 25, 2022

A New Normal needs to be our Goal for 2022.

new normal

I know many people this 2022 are starting the new year with fitness and health goals.

Today, I want to share an important message about how health and fitness are a lifestyle that doesn’t have an ending. Health and fitness are a never-ending story.

I’ve been told often, by many people, that I have a few years left at this—physically and looks-wise. It left me thinking, reflecting, and remembering when I was pregnant and I was told it would ruin my body. These messages break my heart to think about.

I feel it’s why so many don’t maintain their fitness goals. Their focus is blinded by the visual descriptions/focus of health and fitness. Fitness is from the inside—a message I share in my book.

For me, this was never about a pose or how I looked. It was never about a quick fix. And it was never about anyone else. It’s not for the approval of others, or for them to decide if I look or don’t look good enough. It’s not for a number, or to see if I can do something cool and amazing or not.

This was a lifestyle choice so I could beat my demons. So I would never want to quit life again and want to make an attempt on my life again. This journey was and is about changing my life—so my depression never stops me from being a good person or mother, and so I can function well in everyday life. If I did not transform my lifestyle, the truth is, I would not be living.

This lifestyle started off before social media and continues behind social media. Only a small percentage is shared here with you all. I will continue it for the rest of my life in whatever form possible.

I created my social media platforms to help others, but first and foremost, to keep myself accountable to the new me and the habits and choices I make that help me to be better—an ever-evolving me of new habits and better tomorrows.

Since being online, I’ve made friends of a lifetime, been inspired by, and learned from so many as well.

So, for all those just beginning, please remember, it’s not about a number, it’s not about looks, and it’s never going to be a 30-day program to go back to like a yoyo. It’s about you being accountable for the new habits, passions, thoughts, and even finding new communities of like-minded souls.

It’s about creating the new you and the new normal—not being better than yesterday, not better than another, not more likes, or better personal bests, or as good as I can be at whatever age (though sure, some of those might happen).

Truthfully, it’s about dropping self-limiting beliefs, stigmas, untruths, unhealthy habits, and all that holds you back—in order to create your best version of yourself, all that you are and can be, here and now. Just you being accountable daily. No definitions.

It’s never easy, but worth it.

The new normal for the rest of your life, so it can be the best of life.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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