January 21, 2022

The Most Precious Gifts I can Give my Future Child.

We live in a time when there’s a constant need for more, bigger, and better things.

This is especially true when it comes to gift giving. What’s supposed to be an act of love has somehow become too materialistic these days, so much so that spending countless hours at the mall or online shops has become the norm once the holiday season rolls around, or the time comes to surprise our loved ones with a birthday present.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not trying to say that there’s anything wrong with giving or receiving gifts. In fact, the times I received gifts were some of the most exciting moments for me while growing up. That said, these memories are quite sparse compared to the other, non-materialistic memories I made.

Fast forward to today when I, myself, am a parent who’s looking for a special gift for my future child. This got me thinking about how we can make the act of gift giving unforgettable and more impactful.

Below, I’m sharing some of the gifts that—in my opinion—no child could ever forget:

1. A gift of stability

It’s no secret that children require stability in order to thrive. In fact, structure, along with discipline, are key for creating a solid foundation for building their future lives. Of course, ensuring stability is easier said than done. Life sometimes gets in the way of our plans, causing us to switch jobs, move homes, and uproot our families.

Even during those drastic changes, it’s important that children retain a sense of a stable environment. Fortunately, there is a multitude of ways we can achieve that even during turbulent times. One of the things I like to do is make sure that our family is eating together. During mealtime, we like to talk about our days. When an argument does come up, we try to talk it out instead of yelling at each other. Most importantly, my husband and I do our best to support and celebrate our little one, and we plan on doing the same with our future child.

2. A gift of a secure future

Life brings a multitude of challenges, even more so once you become a parent. You realize that, as much as you try to maintain balance, life is full of uncertainties. You can’t plan everything in advance just like you can’t expect everything to go according to plan.

That said, we’d all like to promise our children a good life and a secure future. In my opinion, the gift of a secure future is one of the best gifts a parent could give to their child. Whether that means exploring different placental tissue blood bank options to ensure your little one’s health, or creating a fund for their education, it’s important to start investing in your child’s future early on.

Doing so is a great way to prepare for whatever life may throw at you. Besides, having a plan in place is better than having no plan at all, so do your research and start planning for your child’s future well in advance.

3. A gift of love, attention, and compassion

They say that some of the best gifts in life are free, and this is certainly true when it comes to parental love. Few things in life compare to the warmth of a parent’s smile, the affection and compassion they shower us with, and the nurture and support they provide to us. They’re prerequisites for creating a happy family and key to forming unbreakable family bonds.

I recently came across a study that highlighted the role of parental love in determining a child’s success in life. The study found that feeling accepted and nurtured by parents resulted in better academic achievements and higher overall life satisfaction. This just goes to show the power of nurturing a loving relationship with our little ones and making an effort to understand them, rather than buying them expensive things and designer clothes.

4. A gift of time

Just like love, the gift of time is one of the most valuable presents parents can give to their children. It’s a gift you will never get back, and the one you can’t take back, even if you wanted to. And unlike money, which is something we can always earn more of, time is a finite resource and something we don’t know how much we have left of. This is why it’s so important that we try to use our time the best we can.

Rather than being reckless with this precious resource, be more careful with it. Spend it on things that matter to you, such as teaching your family healthy habits, creating a welcoming home, and encouraging your kids to reach for their dreams. Those are the things that’ll shape them into people they grow up to become, so let’s spend our time wisely.

Wrapping up

Gift giving is an act of love, and we all want our gifts to be appreciated by that special someone. Some gifts are more meaningful than others, and they don’t necessarily have to be material ones either. In fact, these presents make for some of the most impactful gifts, and the ones that a child never forgets.

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