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January 24, 2022

Creating Authenticity can feel like a living house rebuild

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‘Your peace of mind is more important than to
worry about other people’s thoughts
about the way you behave, think or 
Be true to yourself. No matter what.
(Day 34 Awareness and Accountability Journal)
In Australia, the Summer holidays lead to slowing down for everyone, not only those on holidays. The days are longer, no school runs, after school activities, longer days etc., open spaces for time to be used differently.   Australia Day seems to herald the change moment to kickstart the serious part of the year. School holidays end soon. Work kicks up a gear to a more serious mode, and routines become more structured again.
Over the past few weeks, I have explored aspects of choice. Our choices are the foundations of our experiences. At one time, we chose to believe the things we do, which influences everything else. Unfortunately, until we choose to become conscious of our beliefs, they create life on repeat, and life becomes a struggle for most. There is an internal conflict between what the mind sees and desires and what the belief programming instructs us to think, feel and do.
The upside of this insight is. With conscious effort, curiosity, and commitment, it is possible to uncover limiting beliefs, fears, and lies, adjusting them to support our heart and mind desires. 
We have the opportunity to pull up the cracked and faulty foundations of our living and relay with a healthier, more potent version.
Firstly though, we need to choose to consider there is potentially a different way of being, and that you too are worthy of experiencing life as you would choose, and not following an undated script from another era and people.
To do this, to create a life that brings more contentment can be viewed as building construction. A building starts with a dream, a desire to create something that represents more of you that you are more than happy to live in.
There is a consultation process with the builder, inspectors, possibly an engineer, material suppliers. We check in with the council and legal regulators to ensure things are as they need to be and pass standards.

In this analogy, the goal is to create a life from a foundation of love, with frames of joy, connection, happiness. Personal values and their expression through different life segments make the various rooms of your home. The finishes of colour, decorations and focus are through the activities and ways of expressing ourselves with others, our adventures and connections.

As the year progresses into the month of Love – Valentine’s day, the foundation of choices opens the way to consider how you desire to increase your feelings of love. Love towards yourself, first of all, enables love to flow towards others by consciously holding your sacred space for yourself and how you choose to express yourself in this thing we call life.

The following questions come directly out of the Awareness and Accountability Journal. I chose to write the journal years ago in response to my role as a dietitian at the time. Like all good constructions, there have been a few refinements in the plans and presentation, and now it is a product I am more than pleased to present to the world.


  • What emotions and feelings stood out today?
  • What themes or common emotions showed up between memories or what you experienced today with other times?
  • What dreams or hopes were awakened during the day (desire to create change, experience something different, or make interactions easier)?
  • What ‘not possible, not for me, shouldn’t, mustn’t’ etc. thoughts popped into your mind? (These are the limiting beliefs, programs and lies from your past)
  • Who’s rules or ideas are these from? Parents, peers, society, culture, heritage etc.?

Now, you have the opportunity to explore what you would rather have, be, do and experience instead. This step alone can be the catalyst for change. Are you ready?
Identify what you would like to change. Imagine if there is no limits, fears or objections. You have a magic wand that can make things happen.

  • How do you experience things in the future?
  • Who is with you? what are you/they doing? Where are you?
  • How do you feel during these experiences
  • What do you hear, see, do?
  • What positive results or outcomes shine through?
  • What positive consequences follow through?

When we start to explore ideas, there is a subtle change in our brain, and chemistry. Magic does start to follow through. The Universe does conspire to create what we focus on. The Universal Laws are followed, even when we would rather they didn’t.
Another Universal Law draws attention to consequences and reactions. As you start to think and feel different, there will be a reaction within yourself and others. This is a given, a universal truth. So the question will come down to…..


Is the discomfort and belief lies stronger than your desire to be and feel the love?

I have mixed reactions to this question. For I remember the fear of change, and disbelief that it was possible for me to live a life differently from what I had been told. I was so well trained to comply and live another’s life that to break free did break me. I had to unlearn almost everything I knew. How to think, feel, and express me. I needed to demolish the house I was living through, dig up the foundations and start again.

This is a work in progress, and at times it felt I was living without walls, a roof and certainly without functioning utilities. The upside, as with all demolish and rebuilds, the house I now live through is definitely a more authentic version of my life purpose and how I choose to express myself in this world. But, I needed to do a lot of inner work, to work through the damaged aspects of my life and rebuild, patiently and with loving intent. It was a choice, a choice, that needs to be made each day, and often multiple times a day when I moving through another layer of faulty BS (belief system) and the experiences they are creating.

If you too are ready to either start, or move into another aspect of your re-build, and are ready to employ an experienced and trained individual to support, guide and walk next through this phase of your journey, reach out.
The choice is yours, and it starts with a choice.

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