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January 17, 2022

Declaring your choice creates the container for the Universe to fill

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” 

From this notion, and Univeral Law actually, stating ‘I choose’ creates the space to bring into our reality what we declare. Could choice also represent the primary thoughts and feelings experienced over time? Are your unconscious choices, those not reflected on, or considered making unaware decisions and therefore inviting them into your conscious reality in spaces?

Caution for what you wish for, and where you put your focus!

From personal experience, dwelling in the heavy, fear-based, apathetic etc. feelings seems to be the manure to sprout more undesirable.

What I chose to focus on; to sprout about to others of ‘how things were’; focus on the challenges when solutions seemed too far away or at times impossible to make a big enough dent.

Repeatedly, when I take time out to evaluate what is going on in my mind, and body. Explore the rationale behind the experiences and consider the small steps I can implement now, or shortly are small acts of rebellion against the heavy feelings and storyline. The small interceptions are often enough of a Kickstarter to help me get back on track.

As much as we just want a quick fix, the magic wand effect of making all things ‘better’, there is a danger in this too. When we make manageable steps and changes towards the declaration, we create the space and time to bring into the container skills, practice, confidence, and familiarity, making the newer experiences safer to maintain.   After all, the mind needs to feel a level of safety (Maslow Hierarchy, Base and Sacral Charkas) to move into the desired, newer experiences.

This holds true for so many situations –

  • wellbeing, health and self-care
  • relationships and true intimacy
  • financial abundance. Think lotto winners or windfalls, vs learning and growing with financial literacy and being comfortable with the higher levels of fiances.
  • Career success – could you honestly be a division CEO straight out of high school?

A container is an empty space, until it is filled!

What is in your container?
  • Does it need de-cluttering, sorting out, and refilling with only truly useful and enjoyed things?
  • Does your “I choose container” need to stay empty for a bit so you can place only the good things in with discernment?
  • Do you need to be picky about the type of container you are choosing by describing your ideal day, week, month, relationships, health etc.?
  • Do you need to be patient to choose the correct container, or better still, have it custom made, yet flexible in the design as you gain clarity and heal the hurt parts that are pocking through seeking attention.

To choose and create something different can be quite demanding on time, energy, personal resources, and commitment. Being mentally prepared to commit to the change process not only makes it easier, but I think it also speeds up the process as resistance, fears, uncertainty, other limiting beliefs and lies are transformed into possibility and compassionate insight into the normality of the journey’s unpredictability.

If you choose to create, navigate and experience a different way of being, and require assistance, I can help you. My personal journey from suicide to living, and I professionally learned many other modalities, skills within the trauma-informed healing model.

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