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January 26, 2022

Endings and Beginnings

Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.

When doing stops

and transforms

When the senses

of the physical body


a different way of being


from darkness

The sweet stopping,

the end of the sentence,

the goodbye,

and hello.

The ending that begins


in a sweet

and velvety


Eyes surround

and see.

They see me.

The eyes of endings move

into my soul,

beyond this earthly being.


toward something


The dark ending

I fear

as the skeleton

replaces the skin

The undercurrent

of chaos

and endings

That necessary fuel –

I try to look away,

but it stares at me


Holding the complexities

Of life

Holding the paradox

of beginning and ending

at the same time.

I can see you

as you see me


To something

And dissolving

Into nothing

I am moved

to break

and crumble

in your warm embrace.

I am challenged

to transform.

I am not given a choice.

I feel your softness.

Your gaze.

Ever Present

in this space.

I feel you wash over me


I have

no more breath

Only spaces


So I can see

Your beauty

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