January 24, 2022

My Favorite 2-Word Life Hack for Healing.

“I am”—my favorite tool to help clarify the mind, body, and soul.

Here’s mine:

I am an energy healing digital nomad. I am a holistic life coach. I am not going to compromise my own health for the sake of being liked on social media. I am unapologetic about not thinking, saying, or doing what everyone else thinks, says, or does.

I am my own person, complete and whole. I do not need to be approved of in order to know my worth. I have no interest in agreeing with others just to be accepted. I know my worth and can handle my own.

I am not a person who speaks up in casual conversations just to be heard. I never find it necessary to raise my voice to rise to the occasion of proving I’m right. I know I’m not always right, but I know I’m not always wrong either.

I am someone with a bucket full of experiences that allow me to “contribute a verse,” but I don’t boast about them. I quieted my mind in such a way that I am content to live alone, be alone, dine alone, and travel alone. I am never lonely.

I am celebrating age, as it is a gift denied to many while wasted on the young. I was once one of those who didn’t appreciate, nor think about, aging when I was there. I would not presume to believe that anyone would. In time, you’ll be here too.

I am one who can share my education but thinks that the best of learning comes from doing. I know this to be true.

I am a person who will continue to use my voice to cultivate a climate of mental health, yet have zero interest in “proving” myself or being “proven wrong.” So many waste precious life trying to be the big spoon in our culture of competitiveness.

I am someone who has learned a life lesson in the shadow of the darkest of my days: our hardest hurts invite our brightest stars. We can melt into one another in the heat of the sun, or we can collectively look up at those stars in our wonderland of awareness.

I’ve learned that the energy we want to feel is the energy we have to focus on. And the “I am” life hack offers us that clarity, comfort, and curiosity.

What is your “I am,” world-builder statement?


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