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January 29, 2022

Expecting Mom? Here Are 5 Items You Should Have Ready

One of the most important milestones in every woman’s life is that period when she’s getting ready for her baby.

Very wonderful period, I must admit. Subtly describing it, your heart is filled with joy and excitement as you begin sharing the news with friends, families, and everyone that matters. Before you know it, you’re planning your registry and making attempts to picture what your life will be like once your bundle of joy arrives. At this point, all your focus and attention is on your baby, and you have every reason to.

But while you’re over the moon in your head, ticking all the emotional and financial boxes, remember that there are tons of things you’d need as your pregnancy journey progresses. Mind you, the internet and social media are filled with a gazillion things you should get. Sis, don’t fall for them. This article is here to guide you and put you on track as to what you’d need as your pregnancy progresses. Ready to find out? Roll with me!

1. Water Bottle

You probably will never crave nor need water the way you would when pregnant. I kid you not, you’ll become a living water tank. As your pregnancy progresses, you’ll find yourself getting thirsty very often, and yes, you’ll drink a lot more water-cold water, especially. People are going to say all sorts about drinking cold water while pregnant, so, hear this from me first- there is absolutely nothing wrong with drinking cold water in pregnancy. Nothing. You’ll be fine, and it will not affect your baby in any way. I mean, pregnancy is a whole lot, and the rules are a ton. Why add to it? Anyway, remember to get a big water bottle ‘cos you’ll be needing it pretty soon.

2. Comfortable Shoes

You should definitely start shopping for flat, or low-heeled comfortable shoes. As your pregnancy continues to grow, you’ll burn up a lot more energy. This means you’d get exhausted pretty easily. Imagine being tired and having to walk in stilettos. Not cool, yeah? Yup! Your back and feet will tire easily in pregnancy, but with good supportive shoes, you’ll be able to manage yourself better. A pair of sneakers will do you a world of good. And even if you do not like sneakers, just ensure that whatever footwear you choose is comfortable. Comfort is key in pregnancy!

3. Pillows…sssss

When you get pregnant, and as your pregnancy grows, you are bound to need lots of pillows. Whether you want to opt for the modern, trendy, pregnancy pillow or you’d rather go with the regular pillows on your bed, just ensure that you have pillows. As pregnancy begins to take up a great deal of your body mass, it might become difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Your pillows will come in handy here. Also, if you happen to suffer from swollen feet, you can place a pillow at the end of the bed, on a chair, or on any slightly raised object, and then place your legs on it. This way, you get to elevate your feet, allowing blood circulation, and of course, relief from your swollen feet. Relax mama, the drama will soon be over.

4. Maternity Bras

You’ve probably come across some pregnant women who left you wondering ‘what’s up with her breasts?’, yeah? Well, thanks to hormones, your breasts might become huge in pregnancy. Bear in mind that they’d grow even bigger when you begin breastfeeding. So yeah, you can prepare ahead by getting yourself bra sizes slightly bigger than your current bra size. You may think you’d be able to manage with the bras you currently own, but you’ll be more comfortable getting maternity bras. Plus, you’ll still use them when you start breastfeeding anyway.

5. A Notepad

I doubt you’d ever write as much as you would during pregnancy (well, except for school, of course). While pregnant, millions of things pop in your head daily, and you will need to write a lot of them down. From coming up with baby names to curating a list of items you want to get your baby, the list is endless. Get that notepad sis! This period won’t last forever, so write as much as you can. You can even get a note to journal your pregnancy journey. You might find this very interesting to read when your little one arrives. Whatever it is you decide you want to write, it’s time to get to it.


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