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January 30, 2022

How I Seen Him

Photo by Josh Hild on Pexels.

I once knew this guy…

He was honest, kind, always kept me laughing.

He was responsible and able to take responsibility for his actions and apologize.

He saw me for who I was, forgave me for my missteps, and remained open to the connection.

He wanted what was best for everyone. His heart was big and sensitive, but he wouldn’t let everyone know that.

He was a man that would be present with me while I was sad. Not trying to fix me or make it better but just be there with me.

He kept me accountable when I reacted in unhealthy ways. Yet, at the same time, recognized that my intentions were never to harm.

We talked for hours, and we never passed up opportunities for adventures.

He was vulnerable and grounded. He knew what he wanted and had goals for the future.

I trusted him, relied on him, and even built a solid connection with friendship and honesty.

He was dedicated to showing up for others, himself, and even me.

We communicated openly and with respect for each other’s needs and wants.

I felt safe in his presence.

He couldn’t see it. He wasn’t sure what I saw in him.

He doesn’t know that these things made him a warrior in my eyes.

I hope that one day he sees it. I hope that he knows that I am not the only one to recognize how awesome he is.

I know that he and I don’t have a romantic future, but I admire the man that he has become.

I now can’t help but think about how many people say similar things about me. That I shy away from my full self in a way that triggers people to wonder how I don’t see my own beauty. I’m working on it. The whole – loving myself thing. I’m growing and maturing, and I hope that I can one day see myself as I have seen him.

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