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January 17, 2022

Level-Up Your Life:

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Hey everyone!

Happy Sunday. I wasn’t originally going to write a post today, but I had a spark of inspiration when listening to an episode from the podcast Manifestation Babe. If you haven’t given her a listen or checked out her content, I highly recommend her. (I’ll put a link at the bottom of this post to her webpage and social media).

So today I wanted to talk about leveling-up your life. As always, I resonate with writing about topics that are prevalent to my life currently and that I have first-hand experience with. Recently, I have felt my life asking me to level-up. It is not really that I hear a voice or anything whispering in my ear, it is more of a strong feeling in my gut. This is how I know my life REALLY means business. If the message is coming from my gut, then it is coming from my intuition or my highest self. If I don’t listen, the consequences could be dire.

Even though I I did not want to listen to this gut-feeling or gut-message rather, I knew in my bones that I had to listen or else I would risk letting my life-force energy be boxed-in and stagnant. The message my life was giving me was that it was time for me to level-up my life. In order to do this, I had to change many external circumstances in my life so that I would be in alignment with my truest and wildest self.

What did I have to change you ask?

I had been looking for a new place to live for around two months and I FINALLY after months of searching and feeling defeated, found my perfect place. It was exactly what I was looking for. My own place deep in the jungle, close to the ocean, with a loft and circular in shape. I knew before I saw it that THIS was the place. Do you ever have this feeling? It is so strong that you just know; you don’t have to think about it and there is certainly no time for doubt to creep in because this all-knowing energy propels you to take action then and there.

This is what happened to me. A week later, I was moved into my new place and was feeling anything but peace and serenity. I thought to myself, “WTF did I just do? This place is about three times as expensive as my old place, I am trying to get my business going, I’m a full-time graduate student, how will I be able to make this work?”

I lay in bed at night letting these thoughts play on repeat in the tape-recorder of my mind. Theses old and stale beliefs had their hold on me again. I was learning a lesson here, but didn’t know it yet. I have always been someone that likes change, yet is resistant to it. Ah humanness.

All of the feelings of comfort that I had inside the four walls of my old place were suddenly gone. It felt as though I was moving through a wind-storm in the middle of the desert with sand flying everywhere and blocking my view from my highest and true self.

I couldn’t hear her anymore.

I could only hear my negative mind-set screaming at my through the megaphone inside my skull.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I began to see the lesson that my life was giving me. It was asking me to level-up. In order to grow, I had to let go of my comforts, the four-walls that I shared with my boyfriend, and cheap rent.

I had to try to make this new life work because this new life IS my life. This life is the one that I am truly meant to live. It is the one that is aligned with my being. Once I realized this, I knew that I could move through anything.

I became aware of the fact that the tape-recorder in my mind would no longer fit with my new life. In order to really level-up like my life was asking me to do, I had to erase this belief system and begin recording another system more suited to who I am in this moment.

I had to move through the fears, doubts, and frustrations. I am still doing this now, but I am doing this in a way that is more curious and open, rather than one that is sinking into these feelings of scarcity.

This is important to remember. If we truly want to level-up our lives, we have to act like person that we want to be in the future. Think of it as a game of sorts.

For example, if you’re at a level two and you dream of being a level four, then you have to act like a level four while your still at a level two! If you continue to act like a level two, you will surely never be able to reach level four let alone level three.

This may seem confusing or like a far-off dream, but I promise you that the level four you so desperately want to be is inside of you NOW. Let that sink in. The person that you want to become is already within you.

It is simply a matter of believing that you already are this person and then acting like that person.

Ask yourself, “what would level four me do in this situation as opposed to my level two self?” This will get you to where you want to go. Slowly, what made up your level-two self will start to fall away and before you know it you will suddenly be the level-four person you always wanted to be.

Leveling up can be scary. But you know what is even scarier? Choosing to stay at the same level of you life for your whole life! Where is the fun in that? Where is this challenge?

So the next time that you feel the calling of your life within you, asking you to make the big changes in order to reach that new level of yourself, know that this self is already within you. Know that you are always supported by your life, yourself, and that you have the ability to level up in each moment.

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