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January 29, 2022

Masculine Dilemma

Sometimes I think that humans have spent so much time and money researching everything in depth except themselves. I tirelessly explore the inner workings of my own mind, because it still does things that I can’t explain. I’m not speaking of the motor neurons controlling my bodies movement, or the idiosyncratic nuances of how I make a certain face when I see a person I dislike. That’s all topline stuff, I mean how I feel about certain things and then in a deeper level how it creates reaction on a subconscious mind to then come to life in action.

I’m so curious to comprehend how we even have processes that can override rationality, and science is aware of this limbic system but nobody knows what can really help you manoeuvre the consequences of a knee jerk reaction to its hijack of our more logical frontal lobe. I reflect on poor reactions I made, and some of them are quite extreme instances where I physically reacted with other males and also to the lower scale but still not an acceptable level of reaction in rude verbal assaults on others. Luckily most of the worst coming in adolescence, however still the odd tirade does appear time to time when I am stressed or tired.

Billions are spent each year in pharmacology to advance the medicinal means of fixing broken brains, but shouldn’t we be spending that money on finding better ways to understand our own species. It doesn’t take a sociologist to identify the effect such things as culture, religion and economics can impact us greatly. So why is it we don’t discuss better ways of living. Is it the fact that our existence now needs to just be the status quo. Democracy in the west has existed since the Greeks almost three thousand years ago. Religion even longer, both have had profound influence over our everyday thinking.

Plato once founded his own form of education, much of it based on how to live a good life and followed maxims to best participate in a utopian society. He spoke of how to find the truest form of love and that when we are formed it is in our nature to find opposite side of ourselves in another to help balance us. He spoke of thinking more before making any decisions. He said that people think too little and not deeply enough about life. That logic and discipline to think before action is a key to Eudaimonia ‘highest form of happiness’ or better described as fulfillment. Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics also describes the balance between the extremes of each virtue known to man. This like Plato’s teachings was thought to people for over four hundred years. Whereas schools now but little to no focus at all on philosophy, sociology or reason but more on learned skills and knowledge that can only be remembered and rarely practiced by anyone in society to help you and others find fulfilment.

Anyone who even dares suggest that we revisit the drawing board of society would be viewed as a hippie or

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