January 24, 2022

Body, Spirit & Mind: 5 Empowering Women to follow on Instagram.

I’ve been triggered in the best of ways through my Instagram feed.

I love these beautiful women and their souls so much, I just had to share why! Like finding your soul tribe, they challenge me to see myself in different ways while giving me hope and healing tools that actually work. They speak beautiful words and embody the best of artistic expression by sharing their naked existence and vulnerability.

Some have no clue that I exist while others engage me in private conversations of mutual love, respect, and support.

Having them in my feed is like a vision board of role models on my phone who each provide a mirror for pathways to personal growth—before I even realize it.

Exposing yourself to what feels good to your inner self is much more empowering than exposing yourself to toxic news reports, isn’t it? I hope that you’re open to receiving the messages they offer and are able to grow in the best of ways with the guidance of such influencers.


I was first attracted to this woman through her beautiful artwork during a period when painting was my catharsis. Throughout my continued following, I’ve discovered so much to which I can relate and even more to absorb. She’s sexy and not afraid to show it, yet shares her journey through unconditional acceptance of her aging and love for her outer appearance. She inspires me to look at myself the way she looks at herself. The happiness, gratitude, and peace she shares trigger parts of me I’ve lost and it’s beautiful!

Beyond her art, she shows me how to feel sensual without shame. Having a history of multiple sexual abuse, it’s hard for me to feel comfortable connecting with my sensual side. Over time, she’s made me want to reopen doors a younger version of me closed years ago. She’s shown me that it’s safe and necessary to feel comfortable in my own skin, as well as how beautiful life can be when you put your trust in a higher power.


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Oh, how I love her! Yet another relatable woman. I was drawn to her story of how fear controlled her life. Indeed, I’ve never known anyone personally who has experienced our shared mindset.

We’ve had many wonderful conversations where we’ve given and received encouragement, shared ideas, and learned from each other. At times, it felt as if we were sent to each other via synchronicity of thought. Divine connection is so amazing!

She’s a beautiful soul who shares her struggles and what life for her is like now and uses vision boards to create the reality of her dreams. What a pure and noble heart this woman has. She’s shown me how to challenge my mind and that it’s possible to overcome crippling anxiety.


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Yet another woman whom I’ve had the privilege to engage personally. A spiritual-life coach with a yogic background, she has a passion for helping others overcome what she has overcome. She’s open about her emotionally-abusive relationship history, the effects of extreme stress and burnout and her related experiences. She offers one-on-one coaching and is compassionate enough to share helpful tools without having to pay first, including tips that help calm the nervous system and guide in healing from the body. She is so relatable and speaks simply and you can feel her love through her words! She’s shown me how to calm and release the trauma in my body and that I am not what happened to me, that I’m a work in progress, and that everyone needs a little help sometimes. 


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This woman takes the cake on calling out red flags! She has turned her experiences into lessons and again, is totally relatable. Not only have I seen the experiences that I’ve had in her lessons, but I’ve also seen parts of myself that are red flags. As much of a shock as it was for me to realize, I am so grateful that I was able to recognize and reflect upon such things. She’s encouraging, empowering, and on point with what we deserve and need to understand in relationships. She provides a clear distinction between healthy and unhealthy and does so without shaming you for not knowing better, because she’s been that girl, too. She’s shown me that it’s okay to have f*cked up in love; just do better next time. 


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I first discovered her through an article she wrote on Elephant Journal. She’s goofy, beautiful, inspiring, and into all things “woo-woo.” Her gentle energy is comforting. Her perspective, inspiring. She does tarot reads, yoga, understands astrology, is a beautiful musician and writer, and makes fun of herself. I love the way she shares her insights and perspective. You can sense her genuine nature through her videos and by speaking with her. An absolutely beautiful soul, inside and out!

She’s strengthened the part of me that lets spirit drive the train and understand the unknown.


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If you take anything away from any of this, I hope it’s that there can be life and self-love after trauma, loss, heartbreak, and defeat. May you find healing through seeking and receiving their messages.

And if any of the above-mentioned ladies see this: thank you for seeking, sharing, and existing. Your stories are survival guides!


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