January 18, 2022

New Year, (Not so) New Me: Why we constantly Fail to Achieve our New Year’s Resolutions.


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“New year, new me!”

“This is going to be my year!”

Every single one of us has probably used at least once in our lives one of these (or similar) phrases.

It is already the third week of 2022, and I am still trying to push myself to keep going with my goals. This is the week when most of us completely forget or abandon everything we decided to start in January. And that is if we have even started.

We come up with all these goals, intentions, and plans, so determined to make changes on the first day of whatever new year, only to find ourselves repeating the same patterns as soon as the year begins.

The bad news is, nothing will change if we don’t change something.

The universe doesn’t work alone; we must put in some work too. This year will probably be exactly the same as the one before if we don’t come out of our comfort zones and stay consistent with our work (whatever that might be).

We are usually aware of this fact, and that is one of the reasons why this period of the year can be extremely depressing. When we see that it is the middle of the month and we haven’t made a single move to implement any change, a lot of us get disheartened, moody, and might completely give up and go back to what it was before.

The good news is that time is a socially made construct, and it basically does not exist. New Year’s Day, just like any other date, is a man-made concept, and it doesn’t really mean a thing.

This further means that we don’t get only one day a year to start afresh.

Every single day is a great opportunity to make some changes.

There is no limit, especially no time limit, to start doing what we want. To start being a better person. Live healthier. Start working out. Start a new business. Write a blog. To go on an adventure. Join yoga classes. Eat healthier. Take better care of ourselves. Fall in love.


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Society puts so much pressure on time, but the truth is, every day can be a good day for new beginnings. “The art of living” is to enjoy the journey, not to treat life as a project with deadlines.

Also, whenever we feel pressure to make some changes, it is important to ask ourselves if we are doing it for ourselves (because we really want it) or for others.

If we really decide to do something for ourselves, then we can start today. Or on the 7th of March or on the 16th of September. Whenever we are ready.



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Read 16 comments and reply

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