January 11, 2022

Sarah Palin attacks AOC & Claims all Liberals are Obsessed with Sex.

Sarah Palin just called Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez creepy.

Palin, who is the former Alaskan Governor, is known for controversial statements.

Some of us remember the times when she questioned Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Others heard her rejecting vaccines earlier this year. And now, she claims all liberals are obsessed with sex.

Let’s take a look at how this story started.

Conservatives lost their minds when pictures of AOC enjoying lunch with her boyfriend surfaced. The couple took a trip to Florida during the holidays. And, of course, she didn’t wear a mask while she was eating.

She didn’t break any rules. Just to be clear on that. But for some reason, Republicans who oppose mask mandates were upset about that.

But it went even further than that. Conservative keyboard warriors started attacking AOC’s boyfriend and called his feet disgusting.

And then AOC answered these concerns exactly how we would expect her to. She defended her boyfriend on Twitter and wrote, “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me, they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet.”


That’s where Palin decided to join the conversation. She did what (almost) every conservative would do; she flipped the narrative and turned the ones who attacked AOC into the victims of this story.

But she doesn’t stop there. Palin described AOC and her supporters as obsessed with sex. So, I guess she is also talking to us, right?

And if that wasn’t already wild enough, AOC announced that she had caught the virus. I am sorry for her, but Bill O’Reilly apparently isn’t. He said, “Karma strikes Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, who says she has contracted COVID after going maskless in Miami.”


Let’s take a deep breath and look at what happened here.

Palin thinks it’s okay to call AOC and Democrats obsessed with sex—even though AOC has to deal with sexist attacks since she entered politics. She flipped the story.

But when Democrats made fun of Donald Trump catching the virus, everyone (including me) agreed that it was inappropriate to do that. So, why does O’Reilly think it is okay to attack AOC for getting infected? Isn’t that another change of mind that smells like an opportunistic move?

Maybe we should all take a step back and establish some common sense.

Nobody should make fun of anyone testing positive for COVID-19. AOC’s boyfriend is allowed to wear sandals on a hot day. Speaking up for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ communities, and victims of rape doesn’t indicate that someone is obsessed with sex.

In normal times, nobody in their right mind would question any of these three statements. O’Reilly and Palin should be ashamed of themselves and apologize.

I hope that AOC feels better soon. I hope liberals continue to speak up against sexism. And, I hope that Palin enjoys her retirement in Alaska in silence.

We will see what happens in 2022.

Until then, I will enjoy reading sex-positive articles and speaking up against the patriarchy.

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