January 7, 2022

To 2022: Healing Ourselves into Deep Flourishing.


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“Whether it’s science or magic, if it’s of fun benefit, enjoy!” ~ ed


Beginning this new cycle of the Gregorian calendar in the fold of the Dark Moon has been such a rich invitation to explore how we might do things differently.

There’s such a massive rush of energy at the beginning of every year, one that is capitalized on at every turn.

It’s so easy to leap into our conditioned reactions to go big, set the massive goals for ourselves, ride the wave of enthusiasm, make massive investments, and shout out all the things.

Somehow it always falls short, lacking a rootedness…a slowness of pace that is anchored in the ordinary, daily sacred, and mundane moments of our lives.

This is often a reaction to unmet grief, unacknowledged fears, revelations, or shame we haven’t been able to make time to process from the last year.

The darkness of this moon is a pause where we sit anchored in the silent womb of the great Mother.

It’s a void energy, one of non-outward action, but rather an inward action of letting go, shedding skins, and deep listening.

It’s the death of a complete cycle and the pause before the emergence of a new one in which we can plant seeds to tend to, to watch them grow, and tend to the garden, take care of the soil, and keep the waters clean.

We place a lot of emphasis on the new, and there is nothing inherently faulty with this.

Rather, it lacks the balance of focusing on what is both in need of release and, also, what is here right now, calling to us, asking us to nourish the very ground upon which we sit, breathe, love, and live.

The kinds of intentions we set in response to the lack of love, the scarcity we feel, or the fear we have of not being good enough are quite different than the prayers and intentions that arise to the surface after slowing down enough to truly let go.

This last year has been one of the hardest years many of us have had in a very, very long time.

Myself included.

It’s been filled with lots of loss and challenges, along with decent doses of grace and magic along the way.

My entire system is tired from it. She’s not ready to leap into the new year with guns ablazing.

My sense for most of us is that we are tired, and this new year is tinged with deep, deep hope as well as great fear of what is to come.

We aren’t conditioned to really take rest and deep reflection, but this is what this season calls for.

Much of the astrological weather for January is that of retrieving our power, from the underworld of relationships, finding the golden nuggets of our light and hidden gifts living in blocked off caverns in our hearts.

The energy of the new year won’t really even feel like it is getting going until February.

The nodes of the planet are changing, so we are leaning into Taurian energy that is more grounded, slow, sensual, and connected to rootedness, home, nourishing relationships, and yum.

The kind of yum that takes time to grow because Eros can drip quite slowly, first flowing to all the places that long for release, tension that wants to be softened, tears that need to flow, hearts teased open, inspiration drawn from deep within in a radical, loving response to all that has been lost.

It wants to heal us open into deep flourishing.

There are intentions rooted in the depth of meaning that emerges after mourning what has passed.

It’s a pivot, where we tap into what matters the most and make the time and the space to turn toward the forest of our lives, hold hands with what we’ve learned to fear, and walk ourselves back home.

Much love and many blessings for this coming year.

To 2022.

More love.
Not less.


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