January 6, 2022

True Growth comes from Diving into the Depths of the Unknown.


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Recently, I have been going through a period of many unknowns in my life.

It feels as though everything I knew about myself and my life has been flipped upside down into something completely opposite of what I knew to be “true.” My life is something that I no longer recognize. It feels scary and, in a way, exhilarating at the same time.

There are many parts of me that desperately want to cling to old ways of being and the “comforts” that I had come to know and love.

If I’m being completely honest, almost all of me wants to cling to what I know. Because in these walls of knowing and predictability, I feel safe—or I think I feel safe. I believe that I have control over my life and what happens to me on a daily basis.

Yet at the same time, I find that I am slowly being suffocated by these comforts that make me feel “safe.” It feels as though my life force and vitality are slowly being drained from my rainbow essence into something lacking any of its signature color. Instead, it feels as though my life is simply streaked in grey.

I believe that so many of us feel this way. We desperately want to change our lives and grow into the humans we dream about, but we are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid of throwing ourselves into the river of life—for there are many unknowns contained in this river.

Sometimes, she is a raging force of power that calls us to be thrown into new ways of being and seeing our reality. At other times, she is a calm body that allows us to float on her surface.

The point is when we decide to “take the jump” or “leap” into this river, we have no idea what will happen or where we will end up. So many of us (myself included) want to know our future before taking any action. We want to know if we will succeed, be happy, or end up in a better place than we started.

But this is not the way of the world, nor should it be.

If we knew what our futures had in store—if we could see what the pot contained at the end of the rainbow—then where would the magic lie?

To me, it is not so much about reaching the pot. It is about the journey of finding the courage to leap into the river and knowing that I have the creativity, strength, and resources to survive whatever she brings into my path.

This is where true growth occurs. It is in the unknown times where we can choose how we want to react and what we want to do. There are many paths to take and each path will mold us into something different than we are now. We always have this choice to plunge straight into the vital waters of life.

But so many of us let our fear take the wheel and we find ourselves spending our life waiting on the river banks while watching others dive in headfirst.

Diving in means that you will sometimes flail and splash about wildly, swim with ease, or drown in the depths of the unknown in order to be reborn into something new. But the most important thing is that you took the leap in the first place!

When we sit back and wait because we are afraid of life, we can almost guarantee that we will stay the same as we were and always have been. We will stay the same and be immersed in our comforts. And guess what? Fear will still be present in our lives.

Fear will be in our lives—no matter what. But when we dive headfirst into it, we come out the other side knowing that we not only survived but we came out stronger and as a different version of ourselves that is more aligned with our truth.

Fear is not something to conquer; the unknown is not something to conquer. They are tools we can use to move through and to become more familiar with.

I believe that we all have the ability to create the life that we want. Becoming more comfortable in the uncomfortable times (and feelings) is how we can shed layers of who we thought ourselves to be in order to be left with our wild and true selves. In my upcoming online course, I offer my clients the chance to take the leap and tune into their wild and true selves.

So, what are you waiting for? You can choose to take the leap and see where the river will flow or you can sit back and watch others sink, swim, and everything in-between.

The point is not that they are “succeeding” in their swim, but that they are swimming in the first place.

As always, feel free to message me with any insights, questions, or comments!

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