January 12, 2022

What Ayurveda is all About.

Ayurveda, in Sanskrit, means the wisdom or knowledge of life.

What is it all about?

Let’s get down to the simple and practical foundations. Yes, Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom that teaches harmony with the inner and outer environments, incorporating daily and seasonal lifestyle routines to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life.

But what does it all mean? It doesn’t need to feel like some exotic thing with its mystical lure. Let’s explore what is at the root of the ancient traditional wisdom that still holds true today.

Ayurveda is about self-knowledge for self-healing. True food, true nature, true you. Unplugging from the external stimulus, taking time to be quiet and go inward. To connect with nature, to eat real food, to move your body, to have good energy and set intentions to create your reality, aligning with your authenticity and higher purpose.

It’s perfectly fine if we don’t know what dosha we are. Those words are just there to understand our mind-body constitution. Instead, what are our habits? What emotions do we experience? What do we tend toward? How does our body feel? What foods do we crave? What makes our body feel good? What doesn’t? How do we influence our own sovereign happiness? How do we balance out our system? How do we motivate ourselves? How do we slow down when we are overstimulated and stressed?

The foundations are steeped in self-awareness, understanding who you are, your own unique you. It’s learning how to connect and listen to your body and heart. They are speaking to you and giving you the information you need.

Are you listening?

Do we know how to listen anymore with all the external stimuli and distractions? We are constantly overriding our inner guidance and acting against our highest good, consciously and unconsciously.

The majority of our world is rigged to keep us plugged into external impulses, distractions, and stimulation through media, internet, and marketing. They influence our minds and, with that, control our lives.

One of the dominant themes is that we will find happiness once we…but the search is endless and we will keep purchasing more products without true happiness. They will do anything to occupy our eyeballs and influence our psyche with propaganda and social conditioning in order to contort our freedom, our own innate autonomy, to cultivate inner happiness and contentment.

The true answer lies within and taking time to go inward, whether in stillness or movement; connecting the mind and breath will always empower us beyond the possibilities of what the external world has to offer.

So yes, I share Ayurvedic wisdom throughout all of my offerings, and yes, it is my passion and profession. Throughout my personal healing and health journey, I have resonated deeply with Ayurveda as a way of everyday living. I have resonated with the medicine system, philosophy, psychology, and daily practices.

It has taught me how to connect back to my everyday choices to support a place in me that I never thought was available. All these ancient practices are really these pure ways of living, simple and connected to nature, with the seasons, with what’s available around us and in us.

We’ve lost track of so much with our advancements, and yes, advancements are incredible and I honor them. I am a product of them and I’m here because of them. However, at the same time, there’s a balance, an integration of ancient wisdom meets modern-day life where they can come together and support true health and well-being through everyday choices and practices where we’re not addicted and attached to external forces that are mostly created for power and money.

We hold the key to our happiness! Making choices to eat real food, to breathe fresh air, to connect with nature, to sleep well, to move our bodies, to smile, to connect with our family, our neighbors, humans, people in our community, to connect our hearts, to connect in a true way that can’t be sold on the shelves.

That is our power and we are at a time when we truly need to find our inner path and remember these ancient wisdoms, our capacity to heal and thrive, to unplug from the system that has created so many toxins and byproducts that are destroying our bodies and the earth.

The teachings I speak of are merely ways of connecting back to what is of this earth and what is truly organic to our bodies that will feed our minds and our souls. I’m talking about going back to true food, true nature, true you, true living…the truth.

We are ready to be empowered to take back our health, our well-being, and our happiness, unplugged from the corporate control that is full of toxic thoughts, behaviors, and materials. They are controlling our hearts, our minds, our bodies, and turning them into a herd of toxic fools…I say not here!

Begin with taking time to be present and understand who you are. Slow down, drop in, and explore yourself. Stop letting the outside world dictate everything that you think and feel. What is your body type, what are your strengths, your challenges? What are you going to change to get different results?

Reconnect with your intuitive self. Your body doesn’t lie. Your heart loves you and is just waiting to hold you when you relax into it. Make decisions to actually live in a deeper state of harmony and unplug from destruction and suffering that has become so attractive now.

You are the answer; within lies all the wisdom and grace needed.

Ignite your internal flame, rekindle your spirit, and let’s create a new way of being—whole, radiant, and true.


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Read 4 comments and reply

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