January 19, 2022

Global events & Personal challenges: Is the Increase in Universal Energy to Blame?


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WTF is going on?

Is your life getting increasingly more stressful? Have your emotions been more intense lately? Have you been feeling a vague, or not so vague, sense of anxiety? Do you feel compelled to keep busy? Do you find yourself obsessing more over things? Have your moods been shifting more quickly? Do you have less patience than usual? Are you finding it difficult to get a good night’s sleep? Are there more thoughts racing through your mind? Have you noticed your body tensing up for no apparent reason? Does it seem harder than it used to be to simply relax and enjoy life?

If you are experiencing some or all of these things, believe it or not, it’s a sign that something positive is happening—to you, and to everyone on the planet. These uncomfortable symptoms are (in most cases) a “by-product” of an extraordinary transformation that humanity is undergoing—an upgrade to a more evolved state of consciousness. These symptoms may be likened to cosmic growing pains.

We are evolving beyond the state in which fear, violence, struggle, and strife can thrive, into a state of higher consciousness, which will be characterized by unity, peace, cooperation, compassion, and freedom from most of our current problems. In his books, Eckhart Tolle refers to this process as The Flowering of Human Consciousness, and its goal, our upgraded state of consciousness, as A New EarthAlthough Tolle’s first publication on this topic was released in 2008, the information is more relevant now than ever. Why? Because the pace, intensity, and discomfort of this transformation have greatly escalated since then.

The upgrade actually began in the 60s, and since that time it has been escalating gradually. But over the past few years, it has been extremely amped up. The process is being catalyzed by an increase of higher vibrational universal energy, “evolutionary light” pouring into the Earth’s atmosphere. As the vibrational frequency of this atmospheric energy gets higher, it is triggering a major increase in the amount of chi running through our bodies. Together, these external and internal energies are driving the upgrade.

The scientific evidence.

It’s now widely accepted in the scientific community that the essential substance of everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Within our galaxy, different sectors of space have different frequency levels. Hence, as our solar system travels through our galaxy, the frequency levels vary.

Over the last five decades, we have been moving into a neighborhood of our galaxy in which space is pervaded by energy of a higher frequency than that in which we have been living. This higher frequency energy field was originally discovered about 200 years ago by Sir Edmund Halley—long before we were in close proximity. Then in the early 20th century, Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel confirmed Halley’s findings, and in the 50s, Paul Otto Hesse determined the parameters.

The effects of this upgrade.

I’ve been closely observing this process over the past four decades—witnessing and experiencing how its growing intensity is affecting us all.

One of the most significant effects is that it is amplifying everything—our emotions, perceptions, reactions, and thought activity. This intensification of how we experience ourselves and the world is intended to make sure that we acknowledge and deal with our lower vibrational “stuff”—our limiting beliefs, fears, and physical and emotional toxins. Upgrading our old level of consciousness requires resolving and getting past all this.

The same process can be seen occurring on a global level. Many of the events that are being played out on the world stage are a cleansing of humanity’s collective toxins and a bringing to light of humanity’s collective “shadow.”

Another effect of this process is that most of the disorders that many of us are now experiencing, are partially due to this intensified energy. These include: generalized anxiety disorder, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. Because everything is being magnified, conditions which may have existed previously as relatively minor problems, are now becoming amped-up to the level of major disorders.

As our vibration and consciousness are being elevated to higher levels, we are being continually challenged to let go of our limited old level of being. We humans tend to instinctively hold on to what is familiar and resist moving into the unknown—not trusting that it can be a place of greater freedom and happiness. This resistance is adding greatly to our increased level of stress.

If you are experiencing some of the more stressful features of this upgrade, here are six helpful tips for dealing with the madness:

>> Take a little time for daily meditation.
Just 10 to 20 minutes is sufficient. Meditation is ideal for opening your energy channels and allowing the increased chi to flow through you, rather than becoming bottled up. It’s also extremely helpful for raising your vibration and awareness.

>> Move your body.
Energy body exercises such as yoga and tai chi, are very effective—but, walking or various other forms of standard physical exercise are also helpful.

>> Stay in your calm inner center.
While you are going through your day, try to remember as often as possible to shift your attention back to that calm inner space you’ve touched on in meditation. Simply paying attention to your breathing or shifting some attention to your quiet heart-space for a few moments are among a variety of effective centering methods.

>> There is much support and guidance available from the unseen realms to help us move through this difficult transformation.
Learn to trust it.

>> Get plenty of vitamin B complex.

>> Remember that these are extraordinary times.
Our old definitions of “normal” no longer apply. Everything is amplified, including our neuroses, so be gentle with yourself, and try to give others some extra slack as well.

Fortunately, the effects of this process are not all problematic. Many people are experiencing some positive changes as well, including:

>> Feeling more compassion and empathy.

>> Heightened intuition.

>> Experiencing a greater degree of unseen support and higher guidance.

>> A more heightened awareness—in and out of meditation.

>> Discovering new creative abilities.

>> Receiving new insights and gaining deeper self-understanding.

>> Noticing more synchronicities in our lives.

>> Feeling a deeper connectedness with the Universe and with all life.

There’s a quote circulating on social media attributed to Choquash, a Native American storyteller, which captures the essence of all this:

“The elders have sent me to tell you that now is like a rushing river, and this will be experienced in many different ways. There are those who would hold onto the shore… there is no shore. The shore is crumbling. Push off into the middle of the river. Keep your head above the water, look around to see who else is in the river with you, and celebrate.”

If adaptation is one of the main driving forces of evolution, then we’re being forced, or at least firmly pushed, to adapt to this higher vibration—by raising our own vibration to a comparable level. Doing so is becoming increasingly necessary for us to live comfortably on our planet.

Living at a lower vibration than our environment results in considerable discomfort.

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