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February 14, 2022

7 Foods and Eating Habits to Avoid in Your 20s

I have a confession: I may not have paid much attention to a post like this a few years ago. But as my 20s draw to a close very soon, I find myself thinking very much about things like this. I’m not mourning my 20s, don’t worry. It just feels good to know I can help someone out there make better choices than I did.

Every decision we make has an effect on us be it good or bad. When it comes to the aspect of food and diet, it’s the same reality. Young people in their 20s are energetic and full of life, but what is important is how much of that life and energy remain in their 50s. There are eating habits to take on if the energy and health level is to remain. That is why I made a list of what’s to be done away with in your 20s so as to avoid health issues in the later years.

1. Carbonated Drinks or Soda

The effect soda has on your health affects crucial parts of your body that will be needed all through one’s life. Well, not like there are some parts that can be done away with. But it has been proven that regular consumption of carbonated drinks could affect one’s dental health and bone health. This is in addition to causing bloating, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes. A line should be drawn when it comes to the consumption of sugar. Instead, choose to take water. Besides how much simpler it makes life to be, water is the best-recommended option as it has multiple health benefits.

2. Processed Foods

Processed foods should also be avoided because they contain an unhealthy level of processed fats. These fats are a no-no because they affect the organs in the body, the heart being foremost. Avoiding such foods reduces the risk of becoming obese, having heart issues, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Examples of processed foods include; breakfast cereals, cheese, bread, cakes, and biscuits, among others.

3. White Flour/Sugar

White sugar is said to depress the immune system. It is an ingredient that causes the inflammation of the body, such inflammations are known for increasing the chances of catching similar diseases that have been mentioned previously.

4. Alcohol

Drinking might bring about a good time especially with friends. However, one of the hidden facts about its effect is that it’s not your current alcohol consumption that brings about diseases and illnesses, it is the aftermath. This comes as a result of excessive drinking. It is possible to be healthy while drinking, but it is what happens over the years that you should watch out for. Alcohol consumption causes high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, liver disease, digestive problems, and cancer in the breast, mouth, throat, esophagus, voice box, liver, colon, and rectum.

5. Genetically Engineered Foods

While the government must have bought the idea of genetically engineered foods to address the problem of famine and the like, it is not entirely safe to eat. Organically grown food might be more expensive and hard to come by, but you’ve to understand the risks that come with consuming such foods. They include toxicity, allergic reactions, antibiotic resistance, immunosuppression, cancer, and loss of nutrients. The point of food is to get nutrients for the body. If it stops doing that, it is no longer food.

6. Eating in a Hurry

We know that you are probably running late for a class, football practice, or an appointment with a client. Whatever the excuse is, there is nothing healthy about eating your food in a hurry. It has been proven that engaging in such acts reduces good cholesterol levels and increases bad cholesterol levels. Eating in a hurry also brings about digestive issues because your food is not properly chewed. Health professionals would always say that digestion begins in the mouth. Also, the chances of gaining unhealthy weight are high when you keep rushing your food. This is because you tend to keep eating and eating till you’re so many calories in. Taking time to properly swallow your food helps you eat the right amount of food. You would get to eat smaller but healthier portions.

7. Microwaved Foods

Since most of these foods contain substances that affect the heart, it is important to do your best to reduce their intake, because really, what is a human without their heart? Fat, sugar, excess salt, refined sugar, and genetically engineered foods are the ‘poisons’ to watch out for.


Bonus Tips: A few other kinds of food that should be avoided include fried foods, animal fat, and canned foods.

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