February 8, 2022

A Powerful, Feel-Good Practice we can add to our Morning Routine.


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As I sat sipping my coffee, I came across a short video from Marianne Williamson.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without Marianne’s wisdom.

In the video, she shared a small habit we can do as part of our morning routine: we can send our love before us to anyone we will meet or interact with today.

This is not a new concept, but it remains a powerful one.

Just thinking about sending my love before me today brings me instant peace, a sense of satisfaction, and an expansion of possibility.

I know that the simple act of intending love also changes me: it reminds me of the interconnectedness we all share, no matter how different our lives may look.

Intending love softens me. It opens me up and makes me feel safe. It reminds me that we all want the same things: love, connection, to be understood, to feel safe, and to feel like we matter.

Intending love also makes me feel incredibly powerful. It feels like a magic wand I can wave whenever I am out of sorts or experiencing isolation and loneliness.

Just intending love makes me feel loved.

Love is not just a vibration, it’s also an act. It’s alive and it breathes. It gets bigger and deeper the more we focus on it.

Love is the net that holds our lives together, but I think for most of us, it’s the last thing on our minds as we rush from task to task. Sure, we feel love, but how much are we really focusing on it? How much are we taking advantage of its power?

Whenever I’ve made a conscious effort to hold someone in my mind and feel love and compassion for them, I always experience a deeper sense of connection when I interact with that person. Always.

As part of my morning routine, I set an intention about who I will meet today and ask that all my relationships, even people I no longer speak to, are taken in divine care and healed and alchemized.

After being reminded of this powerful practice, I will be adding sending my love before me in every single thing I do.

This feels like a good place to bring up another concept that I learned from my teacher, which has changed my entire perspective about energy:

Energy has no will of its own—we get to tell it where to go.

Knowing that our energy field is in our hands, we can now direct energy exactly where we want it to go: toward all the people we will meet today.

When we direct energy toward a specific intention, it must obey.

Sending our love before us is not only beneficial for any future interactions, it also changes us and our focus. It makes us feel good. It creates openness, balance, and harmony. It primes our brain for a deeper connection.

As I write these last few sentences, I am actively sending love to anyone who will read this article. I may never see you, meet you, or know you read this, but it doesn’t matter.

I hold you, dear reader, in my mind and intend love toward you.

And I hope you can feel it.


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