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February 7, 2022

Are you ready for it? Receiving?

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.

We in the healing profession and we, in the curiosity journey (in, not on) are forever sharing our hurt, our truth, our vulnerabilities and even our diagnoses.

There is another component to the healing journey. Preparing ourselves for success.

It’s a feeling we had then lost or, it’s a feeling we’ve never experienced, so have to align with with all of our being.

There seems to be a lot of assumption around the idea that when we transition from one existence to another will simply, be.

In truth?

There are nuances to success that aren’t felt when climbing toward it.

Here are some quick check-in’s you can do for yourself.

  1. Transitions from one thing to another are hard. Some, harder than others. What have you done for yourself today to help you to feel the emotions of what you left behind and what you are moving toward?
  2. Allow yourself to feel the emotional uncertainty of the newly acquired success. Give yourself grace at the urge to retreat back into safety.

We don’t always know what the nuances are.

It’s little things that count. People treat you differently after you finally achieved your dreams. You don’t have to change a thing about yourself, yet they will notice something new.

People you don’t know will reach out to you.

Businesses will instantly treat you differently.

People from your old life will push back, or gossip if they didn’t have your back. You’ll have to ignore them, or block them entirely.

Create an emotion journal ~ write down the new experiences. If you don’t like journaling, jot down notes or bullet pointed moments. As you stitch them together, you will be able to process them. Embrace the change beyond the honeymoon phase.

Your relationship with yourself lasts a lifetime. The transitions are part of journey.

Mindfulness practice truly works. So does therapy, and coaching, as long as the coach is trained in the nuances of those changes.

You have to embrace yourself. Love yourself. Protect yourself from every instance of self doubt or social push back.

No change is easy. It is inevitable. When we celebrate our changes, we also have to self heal through the down side of those changes. That’s how they last.

Here’s hoping you fall in love with this new version of your life!





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